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“I Am Done, I’ll Not Vote Again” – One Middle-American Mom Rages At ‘Real-Life Idiocracy’

” I’ve been called a racist and a xenophobe and a chump and even an ‘ugly folk’… I’ve been told that I have privilege, and that I have inherent bias because of my skin color…”

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November 8, 2020

I love this idea that floats around that not voting and politically disenagaging is “really teaching them a lesson”, boy yea, I’m sure they are deeply hurt and offended. I feel every bit of this womans pain, identify with every sentence, except that one. How can one not realize that political disengagement is the ULTIMATE capitulation?

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Reply to  dadu
November 9, 2020

Refusing tto vote isn’t capitulation, it is a refusal to give legitimacy. If everyone refused to vote, the election would not surpass the requirements for an official election. Now the system is beyond repair it doesn’t matter anyways. Why in a country of 350 million, only morons, perverts, corrupt people get power? It allows the corrupt to keep playing. That’s why they give you the candidates. Media takes care of the rest. Don’t count on someone who is paid 9 million a year to talk on TV to go against their boss and speak truth. They tell you what they… Read more »

Lebanon is sinking economically, and pulling Syria down with them

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