Hyperloop may make 35 minute LA to SF commute a reality

These are the types of projects that make America great.

Focusing on infrastructure and new technology initiatives to improve human life, trumps the imperial MIC war dogma big time.

From CBS Los Angeles:

Tesla founder Elon Musk says the technology is being developed with the help of about 25 UCLA graduate architecture students at a facility in Playa Vista.

Hyperloop has teamed up with the students to create the tube technology, designed to connect cities less than 300 miles apart.

“They look at this like a blank sheet of paper on which they can realize their fantasies,” UCLA professor Craig Hodgetts said.

On top of pylons is a hovering capsule inside a low-pressurized tube, which can reach speeds of up to 760 mph.

“The only resistance would be the air in front of the capsule, which we moved to the back by using a compressor,” Hyperloop CEO Dirk Ahlborn said.

A trip from L.A. to San Francisco would only take about 35 minutes. And because it is strictly run on solar power, developers say a ride would cost passengers about $30.

Students from around the world working on the project now have stock options in the company.

Ahlborn says within about 10 years and with about $16 billion Hyperloop could become a reality.

“It could be very easily put together. It’s more about thinking figuring out how to make it a good business,” he said.


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