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Hungary training 3,000 civilians to hunt down migrants (VIDEO)

Move over Donald Trump.

Talk of building of “The Wall” may be a controversial subject now in the United States, but in Hungary, they’ve already done it.

The barrier along 523 km of Hungary’s southern border with non-Schengen states Croatia and Serbia, is a heavily patrolled steel razor-wire fence ordered built in 2015 by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The Hungarians say it has already prevented thousands of illegal crossings.

Now Hungary’s about to up the ante.

They’re training 3,000 civilians in combat and arrest techniques to reinforce the 10,000 police and army already patrolling the country’s border.

If US President Donald Trump wants to follow suit, he’ll have a willing partner in Budapest. The leaders of the two countries reportedly already established a rapport before Trump entered office:

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview published online by business daily Vilaggazdasag that Trump made it clear to him that “he thinks highly of Hungary.”

Orban said: “He invited me to Washington, I told him that I hadn’t been there for a long time as I had been treated as a ‘black sheep’, to which he replied, laughing: ‘Me too’.”

The attitude of Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia toward the seemingly limitless wave of migrants entering Europe from Africa and the Middle East in the last few years, has, in contrast to countries like France, Germany, and the EU itself, been less than receptive.

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