House of Cards! Kevin Spacey is latest hollywood actor accused of “assaulting a loved one”

Hollywood Oscar winning A-List actor entangled by Weinstein scandal.

It has now become clear that the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment, groping and rape scandal will bring down lots of A-list executives and celebrities in Hollywood and beyond.

Expect to see many famous hollywood actresses “bravely” coming out to say they too were sexually abused. Expect to see many ‘never famous’ wannabe actresses saying they too were sexually abused.

The pandora’s box has now been blown wide open. We will be reading about hollywood’s secret filthy society for years to come. Many accounts we hear will certainly be true, but many will be false.

Virtue signaling and fame seeking will be in abundance.

Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, and Jimmy Kimmel have all been caught up in the Harvey crossfire.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has also been implicated of covering up rape allegations in order to help pal Harvey Weinstein.

In NY, Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance Jr., killed the sexual assault investigation into Weinstein back in 2015, and then, by coincidence we are sure, Harvey’s lawyer, David Boies, donated $10,000 to Vance’s reelection campaign, the International Business Times reports.

Ben Affleck has been branded a hypocrite, liar, and breast grabbing creep by Rose McGowan.

Now it’s Kevin Spacey’s turn to feel some Harvey heat.

The LA-DC swamp, alive and well. Frank Underwood calls Hillary Clinton.

The SUN reports on Kevin Spacey…

AN Oscar-winning actor has become embroiled in the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal.

The Hollywood A-lister was accused by a top US broadcaster of assaulting a loved one.

In a reference to Weinstein, she said on social media it was “time the dominoes fell”. We are not naming the star or his accuser for legal reasons.

But an insider said: “Rumours about this actor have circulated for years.

“Lots of people are making allegations after what’s happened with Weinstein.

“But no alleged victim of this particular man has spoken publicly as yet.”

Award winning journalist Heather Unruh posted the below tweets on Spacey…

I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell

My intent was to encourage a badly needed investigation and conversation. Plenty of information to be uncovered.

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October 17, 2017

“All men are evil predators while all women an noble martyrs.” Did I get that right or is there more to it?

October 17, 2017

Well, how about, all male predators are evil men and Hollywood and DC are full of them, some women are noble martyrs while others are liars and gold-diggers, many so-called “feminists” don’t give a sh*t about women but only in advancing their own political and financial positions, and the world is awash in hypocrites. Howz that?

October 18, 2017

There is not one… *star*… celebrity or whatever those inmates are properly called in HOLY-wood, who is successful…. meaning they get roles, they are seen on ‘red carpets’, they are invited to the HOLY-wood parties and have both their cheeks kissed by all the other child molesting sycophants, that is not deep deep into deviancy, child sacrifices, sex on command by such as Wienstein…. NOT ONE~!!!! And that includes all the supposed “Saints” like Paul Neuman, Clint Eastwood, and the notables of that era. The earlier era was not at completely corrupted… at least in my opinion, but they were… Read more »

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