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House Democrats Release Text Of Thursday Impeachment Resolution

House Democrats have released the text of an impeachment resolution currently scheduled for a Thursday vote. On Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the legislation is aimed at ‘affirming the ongoing, existing investigation that is currently being conducted by our committees.’

According to the resolution, the three Democratic-led impeachment panels are directed to continue their probes into the Trump administration’s interactions with the Ukrainian government to determine whether a quid pro quo or other impeachable offenses have been committed.

It also allows the GOP to “question witnesses for equal specified periods of longer than five minutes” for up to 90-minute sessions. Still, Democrats will be able to deny witnesses. If that happens,

…the ranking minority member may submit to the chair, in writing, any requests for witness testimony relevant to the investigation described in the first section of this resolution within 72 hours after notice is given for the first hearing.”

It also allows Republicans to subpoena witnesses and materials related to their inquiries – which Democrats have the right to decline. If that happens, Republicans can appeal to the committee to hold a vote – which should be predictable given Democratic control of the House.

So, while this diminishes Republican claims that they are being denied due process, Democrats will ultimately control who testifies, and what can be subpoenaed.

Furthermore, “The chair is authorized to make publicly available in electronic form the transcripts of depositions conducted by the Permanent Select Committee,” which is no guarantee that will happen.

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Edward E Parker
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