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Hillary Clinton’s reaction to defeat was grossly unpresidential

The contrasting reactions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to the results of the US election offers an instructive insight into each individual’s fitness to be president.

Reports have surfaced that Hillary Clinton had been crying uncontrollably after realising her political career is over. She may also have been worried about the prospect of a long retirement in prison. This behaviour demonstrates that she was never fit to be a leader of anything, let alone of a nuclear superpower.

The only time it is fit for a leader to cry is for love of one’s country, at the heroes who have fallen in battle or at the death of one who was dear to his or her heart.

I remember when President Putin won his election in 2012, he teared up briefly when thinking of his love for Russia. These are the tears of strength, not those of self-pity and pompous rage. I too tear up when hearing the songs of the Great Patriotic War or when I consider the sacrifices of those brave soldiers who fought to free the world from the monster of fascism. But I have never cried at a professional blow and have no time for those who do.

By contrast, when the results of Trump’s win arrived at his headquarters, whilst others cheered, he remained silent, dignified and straight-faced. This is the look of a confident man who does not need to indulge in fits of hysteria to indicate that he received a desired result. This is the kind of individual that makes a good leader, one who is not inconsolable in defeat nor gloating and childish in victory.

Imagine if Congress overrode a Hillary Clinton veto, imagine if a foreign power did not accept her proposed trade deal, imagine if as happened to Barack Obama in China and the recent G20 summit, she was forced to exit through the backside of a plane onto the tarmac, rather than receive a standard red-carpet greeting, would she cry then?

Her Saudi double-agent in chief, Huma Abedin was also photographed crying in the streets. What is wrong with these people? It is clear that they have no shame about murdering civilians in Syria, Libya and Yemen, but now they do not have even the dignity to keep composure due to something which hasn’t cost their lives, but may potentially save the lives of others.

Huma, you ought to save those teas for the children burnt alive by the Saudi military and their terrorist proxies.
And Hillary – why not shed a tear for those murdered in Libya including your own ambassador, whose blood is on your hands.

It is clear that these psychotic cry babies who weep for their own professional loss but are stone hearted about the killing of civilians are not fit to hold office. I wonder sometimes if they are even fit to be called human beings?

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