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He’s a One-Man Ukrainian Lobby! – Taki’s Magazine

Ann Coulter’s very illuminating article on Alexander Vindman and the why’s and wherefore’s of the very motivated testimony he gave to  the House Impeachment Committee.

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Chameleon Farm
Chameleon Farm
November 1, 2019

Vindman’s just a wannabe Max Boot turned inside out. Rep, Dem no matter – when it comes to these ex-Soviet imports, they’re all neocon chameleons, Give ’em both the boot.

Coulter made one super-salient point. The Constitution prohibited the presidency to anyone not native born. Then why would America allow someone based on the same reasoning to be the impetus to unseat a president? Makes 0 sense. Welcome to American politics.

November 1, 2019

He’s a jew and jews hate Russians.

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