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Herschel Walker’s Son Christian has had enough of The BLM Movement & Riots

Trump is the only Republican ever to really reach out, let alone reach out with such spectacular success, to Black American voters.  And Trump’s concerted effort to cultivate the Black vote is paying off.  The democrat lock on Black American voters appears to finally be over.   The waters  are beginning to spill over the  dam.  What even a year ago was largely a trickle suddenly looks like a stream.  That stream seems to be rising, growing, taking on a life of its own.   Seemingly hourly now the stream becomes  a little wider and a little deeper.     One begins to sense in the ringing endorsement Trump get’s  from young, gay Christian Walker that by election day this swelling stream may yet  become a mighty river.

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September 4, 2020

Wow! Throwing in with the corporate dominated political economic order–the 0.01%– is a Bataan Death March for the rest of the people in the US. This is not a Phillip K. Dick novel. This is the reality. Having spent US$840+ billion per year for the past 5 years buying back its own stock or paying dividends, receiving the biggest tax break in history under Trump, while running up low interest debt provided by the Federal Reserve and NOT creating jobs, and then getting bailed out of the debt it ran up with CARES Act relief in the trillions ought to… Read more »

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