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Here’s how Obama disappointed the world’s hopes

In 2008, when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, much of the world cheered. They cheered for the following reasons:

  1. That a black man could be elected president of a powerful country where in 1961, the year when a Soviet man – Yury Gargarin – touched the stars, a black man in parts of the US could not eat a ham sandwich next to a white man.
  2. People hoped for an end to the ‘nation building’ (imperialist) policies of George W. Bush
  3. People hoped that a new more understanding US president would cast a role as a diplomat rather than a militant.

By the majority of these criteria Barak Obama has failed, and failed miserably.

Barack Obama, far from being a man to roll back US interventionism, has become nothing more than a clone of George Bush if not worse.

Under Barack Obama, the US has destroyed the most prosperous country in African history – Libya – and has done so at the behest of his self-appointed successor, Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama has funded and overseen a coup in Kiev which has turned a stable country into an anarchic country where a civil war still rages, which has claimed the lives of thousands of men, women and children.

Under Barack Obama the Yemen has been decimated by US allied Saudi forces.

Under Barack Obama, an insignificant band of scoundrels have turned into ISIS, and now occupy parts of Iraq, Syria and Libya, and have bombed and murdered civilians in  places far beyond.

Under Barack Obama Russia, a stable country which could be a valuable ally in the fight against terrorism, has been turned into an enemy, which must be surrounded by weapons with which to destroy her.

Yesterday, during a speech at the United Nations, Barack Obama spoke of Russia’s ‘Imperial Ambitions’.

I am sorry, no such ambitions exist.

It is under Obama’s regime that the world has plunged into chaos and bloodshed.

It is under Obama’s regime that stable states have been turned into bases of international and local terrorism.

It is under Obama’s regime that threats to international targets of Islamic terrorism have increased.

Putin’s Russia is not a global problem, but Obama’s America is.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, whom I firmly believe is a dangerous psychopath, I believe Barack Obama to be a man who began his life with good intentions. But such intentions faltered long ago. His Presidency has been a disaster, one which has helped to set the world on fire.

His final speech at the UN ought to have been one of reconciliation and apology. After all his initial campaign was launched under such a guise.

I believe, President Obama has sold his soul and this is a sad statement, given that he could have been such a successful leader had he not done so.

But the record shows, the world took the blows, he did it Hillary’s way (to paraphrase the song).

What a shame that Mr. Obama has done what he has done. The man elected on a manifesto of change has changed stable countries into bloodbaths.

History will mark Mr. Obama as one of the most failed Presidents in US history, along with George W. Bush.

The world was ready for a man to break racial barriers in America, and to break imperial barriers abroad.

I shall end this piece with the words of a man who both overcame racial injustice, and who sought to overcome global injustice, the great Soviet ally, Nelson Mandela.

He said: To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. 

It would have been ideal for Barack Obama to govern by these words, but his recent speech before the United Nations has shown otherwise.

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