Head of Russian Orthodox Church SCHOOLS US ambassador on western moral failings (VIDEO)

Patriarch Kirill spelled out the reason for western society’s failings in his first meeting with John Huntsman

The head of Russia historic and influential Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, has met with newly appointed US ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman.

The two greeted each other cordially, but as the video of the event shows, Kirill immediately got down to business.

And that business was letting Washington’s man in Moscow know exactly what lies at the root of America’s problems.

The patriarch stressed that Russians had great sympathy for Americans, whom they regarded as a religious people.

In fact, it was this one nation, under God which set an example for him and other Russian Christians during the persecutions of the atheist Soviet Union.

But, Kirill added, now the tables have turned. The USA and western nations have renounced a society and laws based on God, and pursued immoral values based on atheism.

Huntsman, who is a Mormon, listened politely to the patriarch’s remarks. It’s unclear how much he agreed with them – though he was certainly in no position to refute them.

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