Hanging out with Hillary sure is expensive. $1,000 gets you a seat at the table for a “Conversation with Hillary”

What can $1,000 get you? An new Macbook (almost), a weekend trip somewhere faraway, maybe pay off some bills…or how about a seat with Presidential hopeful, Queen of America, Hillary Clinton.

Her invitation…

“Dear Friends, I hope you’ll be there with us to support our grassroots campaign!”

When did $1,000 become grassroots?

Giving up a grand gets you a seat at the table for a “Conversation with Hillary,” where you and other “everyday Americans” can discuss the hardships of being in the top 1% of society.

Ready to dish out even more cash? No worries, Hillary has some great up sells…

Sputnik News Agency reports…

If you’re ready to take that friendship to the next level, you can pay an additional $1,700 – that’s $2,700 total for anyone frantically scavenging spare change in between the cushions of their couch right now – to become a modestly titled “Supporter.”

Still, those fees only apply from 12:30- 2:30 for the June 10 event. If you still want to be friends for the 2:30-4:30 time slot, that’ll cost you an additional $2,700.

That running a successful presidential campaign requires a near astronomical amount of money is no secret. That much of that money is raised through fundraisers is also no secret. Even the fact that most of a campaign’s finances come from corporate groups with vested interests is no secret.

But for Clinton to use “grassroots” and “$2,700 tickets” in the same invitation shows a certain tone-deaf quality which proves she may be far less grounded than she would like to appear.


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