The hamster does crave attention. FEMEN run topless around France in protest of the Patriarchy

Here we go again…crazy topless feminists running around France in protest of the Patriarchy.
This time FEMEN is mad that one of their ‘leaders’ Iana Zhdanova, was arrested on October 15 for stabbing a statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
She was fined 1,500 euros ($1,897) by a Parisian court for destroying the wax statue at the Grevin museum in June…because their is no one on the planet more threatening to feminists, manginas, and blue pill white knights than Mr. Putin. He is one of the few red pill leaders on the planet, and embodies everything that feminists and white knights fear…logic, tradition and realpolitik.

Via RT:

The video shows the half-naked ladies running away from the police, and dodging the law enforcers like skillful footballers. For some time, the police’s attempts to catch the fleeing ladies failed.
At one point there is a slapstick moment where an officer trips over and slams into a building while chasing the flock of bare-chested females.
The topless women rallied in central Paris in front of the Palace of Justice in support of an arrested member of the feminist group. Over 20 FEMEN members were eventually arrested.

These confused, lonely girls need a man…BAD!

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November 1, 2014

Take note: @RedPillTimes is cheap, sexist,clickbait garbage w/o a shred of journalistic credibility as a news source.

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