Greece 2.0…energy hub. Greek Stream signed and delivered. Greece and Russia sign deal to construct gas pipeline

Greece may be broke and soon in default, but in a few years Greece may also become a major and vital energy hub.

While the EU oligarchs squabble over ways to suck all of Greece’s blood, in a show of true “european solidarity”, Russia is investing in the country’s people and future.

Greek Stream means real money, real jobs, and real hope.

The US will be very upset to see Greece exercise its independence and sovereignty by signing with Russia. Isolation and sanctions are working out so well for Obama and his neocon/neoliberal war monger clan.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Russian and Greek Energy Ministers, Alexander Novak and Panagiotis Lafazanis respectively, signed a memorandum on construction of the extension of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, a Sputnik correspondent reported Friday.

“Our meeting today is a historical meeting… The memorandum expresses the readiness of both sides to bring the south direction of the pipeline to implementation,” Lafazanis said.

According to Lafazanis, the project will unite all the people of Europe who will be involved in it.

“The pipeline will connect not only Greece and Russia, but also the peoples of Europe. Our message that it is a message of stability and friendship… The pipeline we are beginning today is not against anyone in Europe or anyone else, it is a pipeline for peace, stability in the whole region,” the minister said.

The entire project, agreed on in December 2014, is estimated to have an annual capacity of 63 billion cubic meters of gas

According to the Greek minister, energy could play a uniting role to counter the Cold War. Moscow and Athens are opening a new productive path towards Europe, Lafazanis said, adding that he hoped the countries would complete the project.

“We go to the next step — to the second step. We hope that we will win the second battle, as we won the first one,” Lafazanis said, referring to the process of reaching the pipeline deal.


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June 19, 2015

Greece is showing the West the way out of the box it is stuck in.

Oliver Stone, “I say ‘viva Tsipras!’ ‘Viva a new Greece!’ — and don’t believe what you read in American media”

Alexis Tsipras looks East. Greek PM says in his St. Petersburg speech, ‘the economic center of the planet has already shifted’