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Sen. Graham to moronic Ukraine foreign minister: Just shut up and we’ll cut you a check (VIDEO)

Russophobia watchers got a real treat on Tuesday. That is, if you manage to maintain a sense of humor about these things.

The ambassadors of Poland, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were joined by the foreign minister of Ukraine, the diminutive dweeb Pavlo Klimkin, for a deluxe crying and whining session. The goal: extract as much money as possible from US taxpayers by licking Washington’s boots.

Klimkin, who was born in Russia, was apparently considered too ridiculous to be allowed to represent that country, but he was more than welcome in Ukraine. After all, they do appear to prefer being run by foreigners. (Most of whom have by now resigned in despair of trying to reform the country.)

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry at the UN on
Former US Secretary of State John Kerry at the UN on “Bring your son to work day”

The all-star panel of professional Russophobes spun out the usual groundless fear-mongering about Russia’s “threat” to Europe and Putin’s maniacal ambitions. I will not waste time recounting their bland tall tales, but those interested may watch or read their published testimony (in mostly illiterate English) here.

However one episode is worth mentioning. Mr. Klimkin, who speaks in a slow, droning voice (even in his native language) stretched his testimony far too long for even renowned Russia-hater Lindsey Graham’s patience, who reproached the minister for going over 5 minutes, saying those who obeyed the rule were “more likely to get help.”

Another senator added, “[Just] get out the checkbook.”

And get out the checkbook they did, with the House of Representatives passing a bill providing $150 million in military aid for the Kiev regime. The bill now goes to the senate.

Graham and Sen. McCain earlier in the year visited the front line of the Donbass war and exhorted Ukrainian troops to escalate the conflict, say that “2017 will be the year of offense.”

At any rate, Russian TV couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ridicule the meeting of misfits groveling for cash:

(Click “CC” to activate English captions)

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