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Good Capitalism

This article clearly presents how to create good capitalism.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Capitalism is a social system in which private owners control the means of production. The main problem with capitalism is it has established capital as the only value, and then, of course, people and nature suffer. It must be regulated. I have offered here a much simpler and more efficient regulation than we have today which will turn capitalism into a decent social system.

Karl Marx wrote one of the most distinguished descriptions and criticism of capitalism. His strongest accusation against capitalism was the exploitation of workers. He was right about it. According to Marx, the free-market capitalism exploits workers. In this statement, he made a fundamental scientific mistake because it is entirely false.

Unemployment creates exploitation of workers. All of the exploitation of workers has its origin in unemployment. Private employers favour unemployment because unemployed workers have to accept poorly paid jobs to be able to feed their families, and on top of it, they live in fear of losing jobs. A higher unemployment rate produces cheaper labour and bigger profits of employers.

Capitalists have ensured the exploitation of workers by corrupting politicians, science, and media. Corrupted politicians helped employers maintain unemployment by political decisions, while corrupted science and media helped employers hide an escape from the exploitation. Today, the elite control everything people hear, see or know. They control the thoughts of people, making them incapable of escaping from a poor life. This is how capitalism has become a terrible system.

To escape from bad capitalism and the control of the elite, people need to distance themselves from the knowledge authorities have imposed throughout the history of humankind. I did it and discovered that equal human rights will solve all social problems. I’ve built a complete philosophy based on equal human rights, which will change the world and create a bright future for humankind. Two simple regulations based on equal human rights will make capitalism becomes a decent social system.

Full employment

Equal rights among people require that everyone has the right to work. This is, in theory, a highly developed right, but in practice, unemployment is still normal. Shortening working hours proportionally to the unemployment rate will hire unemployed workers. The elimination of unemployment will increase the demand for workers in the free market, and workers’ salaries will rise. Workers will be able to purchase more, the economy will grow, and society will prosper.

History proved this in the 14th Century when the Black Death killed one-third of the European population. The shortage of servants, craftsmen, and workmen, and of agricultural workers and labourers, left a great many lords and people without service and attendance. Suddenly workers and their labour were in much higher demand, which increased their wages 2-3 times in one year.

According to this historical example, if a political party wins an election offering a reduction of work to 5 hours per day, the lack of workers would most likely increase the lowest workers’ salaries 2-3 times per hour in one year. The minimum daily wages of workers would rise 30-90% for just a 5-hour shift. People just need to unite behind shorter work hours to eliminate exploitation in capitalism. Nothing else is required to solve the economic problems of society. Shorter work hours will reduce the difference among salaries and bring justice to the economy. I wrote more about it in the article. Full employment is a turning point of capitalism.

Democratic anarchy

We also need to develop democracy. Equal human rights primarily include the right of all people to participate equally in the decision-making processes on all issues of common interest in society. This right is partially implemented through the process of democracy, but democracy is not efficient enough in following the needs of people. Besides, no democracy was ever able to support the needs of individuals, so they could not be satisfied.

By being aware of this, I have created a new form of democracy that will successfully represent the needs of every individual and society as a whole. The future of democracy will not be primarily based on voting for people anymore but rather on the evaluation of the people by the people, which I call democratic anarchy.

Let each person gets the equal right to evaluate several people positively or negatively each month. Each positive evaluation will bring a small award to the assessed person, and each negative evaluation will result in a small punishment. Democratic anarchy will direct every person in society to respect the needs of other people, to create the highest possible advantages to the community, and to reduce or abolish the creation of any forms of disadvantage. People will become values to people, and this will result in harmonious and constructive social relations. It will build a good society. I thoroughly explained it in the article ​Democratic Anarchy is the Future of Democracy.


To make good capitalism more understandable to people, I presented it also in the screenplay Good Capitalism through a story, hopping the screenplay will one day contribute to the faster building of good capitalism. Once society accepts the simple measures I have proposed here, a bright future of humankind will begin.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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July 10, 2020

Minor correction. Capitalism is an ‘Economic’ system, not a social system. Marx’s criticism, was as you said, the gross expoitation of labour, but what he sought was a supersession of it, it not an out right replacement (debateably). He sought a redress on who owned the capital and how it was dispensed. Since we live to work this redress translated social behaviour. What I don’t agree with however is your view of democratic anarchy. That is a gross contradiction as anarchy follows no rule, democracy does. If you are willing for a democracy you cannot have anarchy

John Ellis
Reply to  cudwieser
July 10, 2020

As a majority of society desires to enrich themselves upon the misery of those with less education, less wealth or less whiteness of skin, root cause of capitalism is the fake morality that rules society.

John Ellis
July 10, 2020

As capitalism has enabled the more intelligent upper-half of society to hoard all the land, wealth, political power and 98% of guns, as this causes the 50% working poor to be made powerless by poverty and terrorized into submission by killer-cops, hit the streets or forever hold your peace.

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