Germanwings blackbox: “For God’s sake, open the door,” Captain Sondenheimer shouted at co-pilot Lubitz

More information is being revealed from the Germanwings black box flight recordings:

  • French officials: Co-pilot Lubitz, 27, may have deliberately locked the captain out of the cockpit
  • French officials: Lubitz steered the plane into the side of a mountain
  • Investigators: Lubitz sought treatment for vision problems
  • Lubitz suffered from stress and depression
  • Dusseldorf police have recovered a note indicating that Lubitz had been written off as sick on the day of the crash
  • Bild reports that Lubitz’s girlfriend, with whom he lived in Duesseldorf, was pregnant.

Investigators have yet to turn up a singular “particular element” which could explain co-pilot Lubitz’s alleged criminal action.

Reports that Lubitz could be heard breathing, but did not say a word following Sondenheimer’s exit are circulating in German media.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

“For God’s sake, open the door,” Captain Sondenheimer shouted at Lubitz, with passengers heard screaming in the background, a transcript from the cockpit recorder published in the German newspaper Bild on Sunday revealed.

Minutes later, with no response from Lubitz, Sondenheimer could be heard attempting to smash the door with what appears to have been an ax, yelling at the still silent co-pilot to “open the damn door!”

Excerpts from the transcript published by the newspaper revealed that Sondenheimer had left the cockpit for a restroom break, telling Lubitz that he had not had time to go to the bathroom before leaving Barcelona for Dusseldorf. Before leaving, at approximately 10:27, Sondenheimer told Lubitz to prepare for descent and landing, with Lubitz answering using the phrases “we will hope” and “we’ll see.”

At 10:32, air traffic controllers called out to the copilot, with no response. Seconds later, a loud knock on the door by Sondenheimer is heard, after which the Captain is heard shouting at Lubitz. At 10:35, “loud, metallic blows” are heard, along with the “Open the damn door!” remark.

Investigators believe that the plane crashed into side of a mountain at 10:40.


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