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German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken to Psych Ward

Claims she was violently abused by authorities for calling for protest against quarantine.

A German medical lawyer who criticized the coronavirus lockdown law was arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward, where she says she was violently abused by authorities.

Beate Bahner published a press release on April 3rd decrying the German lockdown laws as “flagrantly unconstitutional, infringing to an unprecedented extent many of the fundamental rights of citizens.”

“These measures are not justified by the Infection Prevention Act, hurriedly amended just a few days ago,” she asserted. “Long-term restrictions on leaving home and meeting others, based on high-death-rate modelled scenarios, which fail to take account of actual critical expert opinions, and the complete shutdown of businesses and shops with no proof that they pose any risk of infection, are thoroughly unlawful.”

Bahner called for a nationwide protest on Easter Sunday to “end the tyranny at once,” before Heidelberg Police announced that they would seek to prosecute her for inciting Germans to break the law.

On April 13th, Bahner called her sister from Heidelberg’s Klinik fur Allgemeine Psychiatrie describing what happened to her.

After claiming she was “suspiciously” followed by a car, Bahner says she asked another motorist to call the police only for the police to show up, handcuff her and push her to the ground “with massive force.”

After being driven to the psychiatric facility, Bahner says she was treated like a terrorist.

“I asked to be allowed to sit down and was shown to a bench. Then I asked to have the handcuffs taken off, since it was actually I who had requested police protection,” she recounted. “But instead, I was thrown to the floor again, having my head hurled onto the stone floor from a meter height, which nobody reacted to.Then I was forced to spend the night lying on the floor in some high-security Guantanamo psychiatric clinic…there was no toilet, no sink, though they did allow me water, and there was a bell I could ring, though they ignored it after the third time I pressed it.”

The lawyer was charged for incitement yesterday, with her attorney sounding the alarm bell over her treatment.

“I shouldn’t have to add Bahner’s claims of very grave abuse have untoward connotations of the darkest chapters of German history,” he said.

“The mere fact she claimed to have been so badly abused was what prompted me to write to you. Bahner is in the company of over 50 well-known experts in criticising the nationwide lockdown; I would be glad to furnish you with a list of their names. If it really is the case lawyers critical of government measures can now be intimidated using the state legal apparatus or psychiatry, and can be professionally and socially destroyed, then it is five minutes to midnight in this country.”

Bahner has won three cases in the Federal Constitutional Court and written five books on German medical law.

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Dewey Fernfield
April 16, 2020

This is ominous, and many ostriches thinking they’re wide awake worries me even more.

Olivia Kroth
April 16, 2020

Better not criticize anything in these hard times. Keep your mouth shut or you will end up either in prison or in a psychiatric clinic.

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
April 16, 2020

Been there, done that – welcome to the worst part of the USSR…

Olivia Kroth
April 16, 2020

For your information: The USSR dissolved in 1991. We are living in the Russian Federation now. You better brush up your historical knowledge before writing nonsense.

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
April 18, 2020

New word for you: Irony. And you might try Humor, too.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Jack_Garbo
April 19, 2020

I do not like it when people make fun of the USSR. Laugh about your own country. Stop laughing about that of my ancestors. Thanks!

Mila Lewis
Mila Lewis
April 20, 2020

The Gestapo were no better sir. Nor is illegal rendition to Guantanamo Bay. Yet for some reason you chose to single out the USSR. Why is that sir? An intellectually honest person would know and acknowledge that it’s not ideology which leads to the abuse of power, but rather power itself.

Dave B
Dave B
April 16, 2020

She is obviously in the bad books of the fourth Reich. Merkel’s Gestapo in action!

April 17, 2020

Reminds me of Sylvia Stolz who was thrown in prison presenting evidence in a court case, while the court had given her a ‘ prohibition of evidence’ (beweisverbot), but she wouldn’t listen and presented it anyway to serve her client as best as she could.

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