Former US Ambassador to Russia gets hammered on twitter after saying “Russians should also relax about NATO defensive weapons near Russian border”

Only a brain dead fool buys into the “Russian Aggression” tagline that Washington’s PR wizards have brilliantly come up with and plastered all over western main stream media walls.

Last I checked NATO was moving East, swallowing up Eastern European countries and instigating an illegal coup in Ukraine…but those little facts are conveniently never mentioned in western media outlets…truth by omission.

Instead the zombie Facebook population of western Europe and the US are handed an easily digestible narrative of “Russia invaded Ukraine” and “Russian aggression.”

Please, can someone finally tell me the exact date when Russian forces entered Ukraine…please provide video and photo evidence of such invasion.

I remember when the US DID invade Iraq on MARCH 19 2003.

You had TV news outlets and printed publications document the entire invasion. You can go to Youtube and find hundreds of thousands of videos showing US tanks roll into Iraq, and fighter jets above bomb Baghdad.

Can someone please provide such footage of the Russian invasion in Ukraine? Ditto for Crimea…which is an even more suspicious “invasion” narrative given the fact that “Russian aggressors” invaded Crimea resulting in ZERO deaths. Yes folks we have the first hostile invasion with zero fatalities.

According to western main stream media, the brutal Russian forces entered Crimea and subjugated a pro-Ukrainian population in Crimea and not one person died. How does that happen?

You would think that at least one person would stand up and fight for the new Euromaidan government that was thrusted upon then courtesy of Vicky Nuland. I imagine the New York Times would explain that as Putin’s magic spell and sorcery. Can the Russian President perhaps share some of that magic invasion potion with Obama…it would make the toppling of Assad much easier.

Of course all of this has made NATO’s very existence and build up easy to package to puppet states in Europe and neoliberal warmongers in America. It amazes me that after Iraq WMDs, Libya regime change disaster, and Syrian fake chemical weapons, people in the USA, UK, Germany, Poland, etc.. still buy into the NYT and BBC garbage spewed out of their hipster journalist face holes.

The real issue at play here is not “Russian aggression” but western population stupidity.

This brings us to former US Ambassador Michael McFaul taking to twitter to help the WW3 cause…or maybe he is looking to make a quick buck lobbying for the US MIC.

The former Ambassador sent words of reassurance to all of Russia that NATO’s massive build up, a few hundred yards from Russia’s border, is purely defensive…I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Past actions are always good indicators of future intentions… let’s not bring up Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. I image those NATO campaigns were also defensive in nature.

Lucky some smart people took to twitter to call out Mr. McFaul’s skewed and screwed up logic.

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