Foreign state-owned broadcaster sets up offices in United States

While the US Congress is ringing its hands over Russia in order to distract from a possible crime committed by Susan Rice , it has become imperative to release information on a foreign state-owned broadcaster which has set up offices in several major US cities.

The British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC has been discovered operating inside of the US where they act as a propaganda bullhorn for the British establishment.

There could be a danger that the BBC’s American operations are trying to influence American elections and subvert democracy.

In the interests of the public good, the following addresses are where these foreign propaganda outlets are located.

1.  BBC Worldwide America

1120 Avenue of the Americas

5th Floor New York NY


2. BBC Worldwide Productions & Adjacent Productions and BBC Worldwide America

10351 Santa Monica Blvd

Suite 250

Los Angeles 90025


3. BBC Worldwide Channels, Latin America & US Hispanic

255 Alhambra Circle 10th Floor,

Coral Gables Florida


I’m surprised that concerned individuals in the US Congress haven’t paid a visit to these places to tell BBC to stop their activities….

….actually I’m not surprised at all.

Because the BBC and US mainstream media say more or less the exact same things, no one cares that the BBC is not originated in the US nor that the BBC is funded by the British state.

RT which is only partly funded though public revenue and is originated in Russia, is a problem for them, but not because RT is foreign per se, it is simply because it is Russian.

If the US wanted to exercise a kind of media version of autarky, that would be America’s prerogative. But this is not the case.

So long as a foreign owned or even foreign state-owned broadcaster has offices in America, that is acceptable, so long as it isn’t Russia.

This proves yet again that the entire Russiagate fake scandal is all about trying to engineer domestic opinions in order for politicians to better obfuscate responsibility towards their own voters.

I personally have no problem with any outlet from anywhere, funded by anyone, setting up operations in the US. I think this makes for a wide variety of opinions in a healthy marketplace of ideas. I even support the free airing of opinions like those of the BBC even though they are more or less identical to those on CNN.

The only problem I have is with hypocrisy.

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