Five Questions for Peter Lavelle: The Rigged U.S. Presidential Campaign

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Question: Is Bernie Sanders out of the game – is his a lost cause?

Answer: Bernie Sanders – in all likelihood – will not be the Democrats’ nominee. The Democratic Party’s donors have the fix in. Don’t mistake the Democrat’s Establishment with the Donor Establishment – there is a difference and a cross over. The cross over is the Clinton political machine. Bernie has always been in the campaign to change the political conversation and the Party’s rules. Hillary’s rich deep-pocket friends will never let that happen. Clinton is the ultimate status quo candidate and America’s greatest protector of the county’s financial-business oligarchy.

Q.: How does the mainstream media treat Hillary and Sanders? Is it fair and balanced?

A.: From the get go Hillary Clinton has been given a free pass. (The recent AP story incorrectly giving her the nominations is the most recent example). The mainstream handles her with kid gloves. Hillary’s signature moment as Secretary of State was Libya. She is almost solely responsible for the catastrophe that country experiences today. She refuses to honestly accept the consequences of her actions – and the mainstream is more than happy to go along. They are two filthy political bedfellows satisfying each other.

Bernie Sanders is treated by the mainstream as if he were alien to America and its political traditions. The fact is the mainstream media has the memory and historical knowledge of a 6-year old. Bernie calls for social justice, jobs, and a fair wage. These are ideas that have been on the agenda for the last hundred years. Advocating a more equal and fair society is at the heart of the American experiment with government. The Clinton Machine will have nothing to do with this tradition and any modicum of morality and social justice – for the Machine the status quo must be maintained (and the mainstream media wants no less as it is part of the Donor and Establishment Machine).

Q.: Is Bernie being a spoiler at this point? Should he quit and bow to the Clinton Machine, the Donor Cabal, and the Liberal Media?

A.: No, no, and no. First, Bernie has always been on point with what angers the voter – the lack of social justice in America (and to a degree in the world at-large). Importantly, why should Bernie throw in the towel when the FBI hasn’t? Remember Hillary is under investigation for her alleged illegal behavior regarding the security of her e-mails when Secretary of State. Clinton passes this off as a trivial attack by her many enemies. Common sense should inform this is part and parcel an example of her self-center demand of extra-legal entitlement. My suggestion: Bernie should stay in and wait for what the FBI has to say.

Q.: Does this make you a default Donald Trump supporter?

A.: No, not at all. The Trump campaign is the reflection of anger found widespread in America. The political establishment in both parties has terribly failed the American people. The mantra of “democracy” and “capitalist free markets” do not service the needs of the average voter desperately hoping to stay afloat. Trump needs to move away from reflecting anger and rage toward articulation of an inclusive future. At this point he is stumbling, but much can still happen before November.

Q.: In the larger scheme of things, what is the importance of this campaign?

A.: I usually don’t put much stock in American presidential elections – too much money crowds out the average voter and crowds out new ideas. However, I see important issues in play. First, both parties are experiencing insurgencies from the base. The establishment in both parties is feeling the heat from below. Clinton is now and will continue to face enormous dissatisfaction from voters who don’t trust her as well the perception she is the face of the status quo. Second, Sanders very well may be the ultimate winning in this election. He has bought out millions of new and motivated voters. His message of social justice has injected a sense of hope when both parties have long ago forgotten the basic idea of a people’s democracy.


Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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