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Farmer Vladimir – Russia’s president opens up about future career move (VIDEO)

Farmer Vladimir – Russia’s president opens up about future career move (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir V Putin is a man at ease with himself.  He has served as the President of the Russian federation through three terms, totaling 14 years so far, plus a term as Prime Minister where he remained very influential between his second and third presidential term.

Putin is presently way ahead in the Presidential Election campaign, which will culminate on March 18th.  Polling gives him a clear lead, with almost 70 percent of voters expected to vote for him were the election to be held right now.

In an amusing turn of events, Mr. Putin was in Rostov learning how to operate a combine simulator at the Rostelmash combine harvester factory on Thursday, 1 February. (A combine is a large piece of farm equipment used to swiftly and efficiently harvest cereal crops, like wheat, barley, and oats.)  These are certainly Putin-sized machines, matching the masculine aura that has been so successfully cast around him.

While learning the simulator’s operation, he said in an off-hand comment,

If worst comes to worst, I’ll go work as a combine operator after March 18.

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While this might have given his competitors a bit of amusement, it probably did not give them much hope of defeating him.  President Putin has shown that his job as president is to serve his nation faithfully and to support and maintain its advancement. He again showed that this day.


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