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Everything the MSM says about alt-media is a lie and I have proof – so do you!

It is clear that the MSM pundits slamming alt-media don’t know anything about it. If they did they’d have a much better story than they do, albeit a less sinister one.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

When it comes to the daily slandering of so-called alt-media personalities and outlets from broadcasters like RT to independently owned and operated private enterprise websites such as the one you are reading now, one would hope that the so-called journalists of the MSM would actually do some investigating into their own hypotheses.

To listen to MSM, one would think that half of the people in alt-media are paid handsome salaries by a foreign government (usually Russia, sometimes Iran and on fewer occasions Venezuela and North Korea) in order to use the right to peaceful free speech to report on facts and express opinions. According to this same narrative, those who aren’t receiving money from the “Kremlin”, are “useful idiots” who are expressing their opinions in the purely private sector that neo-liberals lionise, except when it comes to starting a business that involves opinions that contradict their worldview.

Great investigative journalists work behind the lines in wars or with whistle-blowers putting their lives on the line(think Manning and Snowden’s relationship with Julian Assange and how well that worked out for all involved), but in order to conduct investigative journalism into what really happens in alt-media, all you need is a smart phone or a computer at your local library.

MSM, which effectively is a monolith of the same or similar opinions, expressed by people of a similar background with similar lifestyles, is nothing like alt-media in this respect. MSM is in fact far more organised and generally far better funded than alt-media whether it be a private sector body like CNN or a state-owned body like the BBC.

If you hate RT and have few informed opinions on Russia, you are probably a SNOB!

By contrast, alt-media is disorganised, de-centralised and highly individuated. This has obvious pros such as a myriad of often highly interesting opinions and detailed reportage of otherwise ignored stories. It also has its cons. The alt-media community is not some cohesive KGB like unit. It’s more like the roughest bar in Dallas 15 minutes after the Cowboys lost the Super Bowl.

Since the primary distribution network for alt-media is via social media networks, it is incredibly easy to research how alt-media journalists and alt-media readers/viewers interact with one another. There are good arguments, bad arguments and more often than not, there are very ugly arguments. There is personal squabbling, childish feuds, inflated egos and irritating people just like in an MSM newsroom when the cameras are off, only with less money…often a lot less, but happily with a great deal more ethnic, national and religious diversity. The other important difference is that MSM’s well oiled machine means that its unified narrative can overcome personal squabbles and feuds, this is certainly not true of the disunited alt-media sector.

The media-corporate complex has declared war on free speech and Trump mustn’t remain silent

In this sense, the very human failures of alt-media are the same as MSM, only because of the over-reliance on social media, these human failures are more public among alt-media journalists than they are among the generally more guarded and less social media inclined MSM crowd.

If a group of people who are so disunited and often unpleasant towards one another are frightening the media-industrial complex this much, it means that the audience must truly be interested in what such people have to say.

At the end of the day, people go to a film, a concert or a sporting event, not because of a person’s wealth, a person’s loyalty or a person’s private hobbies, but because of the quality of the product they put out. As a former musician, I can tell you that many of the most beloved performers are not pleasant people in real life. The same is true for every profession, including alt-media.

Far from the discipline of a military or spy agency where one has to surrender one’s individuality to be part of a larger cohesive unit, alt-media is far more like the back stage area after a rock concert–warts and all.

There is no conspiracy to undermine the so-called west in alt-media. Just as the west undermines its own narrative by failing to create peace abroad and prosperity at home, so too does alt-media undermine its own ability to ever have the discipline necessary to  be conspiratorial enough to hide its own vast schisms, arguments, character assassinations, dark sarcism and feuds from the public eye in order to become that which the MSM says that it is. If you cannot even walk, you’re not going to be able to run.

The reality is that there are idiots in both alt-media and in MSM. The difference is that for those who are educated, entertained and enlightened by the non-fiction (aka the truth) and stimulating opinion, the ‘useful idiots’ really are in alt-media, but they are not particularly useful to any state or any cause, they are useful to their readers, their views, their audience as all journalists, artists, entertainers and athletes are supposed to be.

And thus, we’re back to square one. The fight to shut down alt-media is corporate shell game disguised as an ideological battle which itself is wrapped up in a big actual conspiracy to promote an anti-Russian, anti-Chinese, anti-Iranian etc. agenda.

‘Twitter versus RT’ will either kill alternative media or social media networks

Napoleon once said, “Never interfere with your enemy while he is busy destroying himself”. If MSM were that worried about alt-media, they could take heart in the disorganisation and its core. If they are still worried after having been exposed to the truth that was in front of their eyes the entire time, this is merely a sign of MSM total fatuous nature and total bankruptcy of ideas.

Ultimately the truth will set you free and while many “professionals” act like children, the audience will follow the truth. This is the key to the success of alt-media, against its own odds and those ginned up by the MSM whose sloppy journalism is easily exposed via a quick glance at Facebook or Twitter.

Because the MSM refuses to fight alt-media on a factual basis and because the individualism, egotism and feuds in alt-media prohibit the ‘united propaganda front’ MSM imagines, it must mean that while the diverse alt-media sector doesn’t always have all the right answers, MSM always has the wrong answers…well at least as much as a broken clock.

Thus, logic dictates that one of the real reasons MSM and their big corporation/big government masters loathe alternative opinions is the same reason that the builder of a house of cards fears the wind, irrespective of the direction from which it blows.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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