Eva Bartlett blows the lid on staged chemical weapons attack in Syria (VIDEO)

Eva Bartlett describes her recent tour of Douma and her interactions with the locals about the alleged chemical weapons attack

On April 7th, Assad’s government forces were alleged to have carried out a chemical weapons attack on the citizens of Douma, a suburb of Damascus, evidenced by a video shared via a tweet by members of the notorious ‘White Helmets’.

Before an OPCW investigation could be conducted, Western governments were claiming that they were in possession of ‘proof’ that not only did a chemical weapons attack take place on that date in Douma, but also that Syrian government forces conducted the attack under the immediate direction of Bashar al-Assad.

The attack was alleged to have resulted in the deaths of nearly 600 Syrian civilians, ‘including young children’, according to some speculations that were regarded as fact by Western governments and media.

The attack was carried out just as Assad’s forces were successfully routing radical militants from the area and just after the US president had indicated that he wanted to withdraw America’s presence from Syria.

In a matter of days, a coalition was formed between France, Britain, and the USA that went on to conduct a ‘precision’ missile strike against sites that were suspected of warehousing or manufacturing these alleged chemical weapons, on the eve of an OPCW investigation into the alleged attack.

However, not only have numerous journalists travelled to the site in Douma where the alleged attack took place only to report that they couldn’t find any evidence of a chemical weapons attack. Exactly 20 days after the date of the alleged attack, a press briefing was held at the OPCW headquarters in the Netherlands, by the Russian delegation, wherein several of the alleged victims of the attack, who were featured in the video shared onto twitter by the White Helmets, which was used as the evidence for the attack, shared their testimony.

The military strike that was carried out by a US-led coalition was called out by numerous parties as a violation of international law, and the chemical weapons story got buried by the press as the narrative unravelled, but it continues to this to be treated as indubitable fact by Western MSM and governments.

On the latest edition of Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight, Eva Bartlett describes her recent tour of Douma and her interactions with the locals about the alleged chemical weapons attack:


America and its allies regularly concoct stories of some grievance of other to peddle to the public in order to sell whatever form of aggression that has been decided will aid Washington’s interests, wherever in the world the next move might be. In the case of Douma, much like in Salisbury, UK, where an alleged chemical weapons attack was used in an assassination attempt of a former Russian spy and his daughter, the narrative was a forbidden substance or form of weaponry in order to assert not only that Washington’s opponent was/is violating international law by so doing, but is doing so to murder people. In Douma, that figure was alleged to be in the neighborhood of 575, although evidence for these claims was never produced, although claimed. Eva Bartlett here sheds light on the utter lack of evidence existing for the claims of Western heads of state and MSM.




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