Euromaidan dummies! EU will be tightening Schengen visa requirements for Ukrainians

“We are European”, “We love Europe”, “Ukraine is Europe”, “Glory Ukraine” , “Glory Europe”…blah blah blah.

Sorry EuroMaidan/George Soros NGO traitors…but Europe does not want you.

What Europe’s oligarch elite does want is to pillage and plunder your country’s resources, while sending your men off to become cannon fodder in a made up war, leaving your girlfriends and wives alone and at the mercy of Euro trash “sex tourists” and American military “trainers”.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

As of June 23,the EU will tighten conditions for all those Ukrainians who want to obtain a Schengen visa; this means the procedure for registering documents for a vacation or business trip in the EU will become more complicated, local media outlets said.

Those Ukrainians who wish to visit the EU’s Schengen visa area will now have to appear in person at a visa center in order to provide biometric data, such as fingerprints and digital photographs. Children under 12 will be exempt from fingerprinting.

Earlier, it was possible to obtain a visa “in absentia”, by just handing over the necessary documents to a tour operator or agency.

It was reported that the introduction of the new regulations, stipulated by the Schengen Information System, is aimed at strengthening security measures.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Policy and Communications Department, the introduction of stricter rules “aims to enhance security in the Schengen area”.


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