Ukraine has become a failed state, and the European Union has become Ukraine

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The Maidanites had this great slogan “Україна – це Європа!” or “The Ukraine is Europe”. It was short, emphatic and utterly meaningless – hence it’s appeal and success. Predictably it took the Ukronazis less than a year to show the world that in terms of violence, corruption, social rights, human rights, social organization, culture etc. the Ukraine was much more akin to some failed African state than to any West European country and that it would be much more accurate to say “The Ukraine is Africa”.

Still, the original slogan “Україна – це Європа!” has a kernel of truth to it, especially if flipped around.

Європа – це Україна!

Think of it: what has the Ukainian civil war shown about Europe?

It has shown that the EU is a spineless and voiceless US colony with no foreign policy at all. That EU officials are no less corrupt than the Ukrainian ones (and I am not even sure of which ones are cheaper to purchase!). This crisis also also shown that the EU has absolutely no moral or civilizational values, that all the so-called “EU values” are just a thin veneer of respectability over a systematic use of double-standards. For the life of me I cannot think of a single reason to call Poroshenko or Bokassa or Mobutu more corrupt or less principled than Merkel, Hollande or Cameron.

European politicians are all lining up to defend the putative rights of homosexuals, but when bona fide Nazis use weapons of war against entire cities (including chemical munitions and ballistic missiles) the noble Europeans either look away, or provide the Nazis with more money, guns and mercenaries.

Numerous Russian politicians have reported that in their private conversations with European diplomats the latter have admitted many times that they fully understood Russia’s stance, but that they could not say so openly. So they are *knowingly* supporting the wrong side.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly clear that the EU bureaucracy does not care in the least about what most Europeans think, not about Russia, not about the Ukraine, Greece or the EU expansion into Central Europe. In fact, the comprador “elites” of the EU treat they own people with no less contempt than they have for their supposed “principles”. For years now the EU has adopted laws and regulations which were going categorically against both the objective interests and the will of the majority of Europeans and they are still doing so today.

While these were certainly not saints, there used to be politicians in Europe (de Gaulle, Mitterrand, Schmidt, or even Thatcher) who at least had their own views and who were not just the subservient puppets of the White House. I submit that nowadays EU leaders are no less US puppets than Poroshenko.

It is quite amazing for me to watch the very same Europeans who had the gall and arrogance to tell Russia that the future of the Ukraine was “none of your business” (that is quite literally what they said) also accept that the future of the Ukraine would be totally controlled by the United States.

Furthermore, just as their Ukrainian counterparts, EU politicians have apparently simply given up on any hope on getting any respect on the part of their own people: in Europe, just as in the Ukraine, the authority of the heads of state is based on their power whereas in Russia the power of Putin is based on his authority.

Finally, just as the Ukraine the southern parts of the country are prone to resistance and, when possible, revolt, so in the EU we see a “protest belt” in the south from Spain to Greece.

Of course, the EU is still immensely richer than the truly devastated Ukraine. But the writing is on the wall: the Ukraine has become Africa and the EU has become the Ukraine.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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