EU ruling oligarch Junker pushes for the creation of an EU army to help make his Brussels 1% even more wealthy

How do you solve massive European unemployment, while making yourself, and all your Brussels pals, fabulously wealthy…with military industrial contract kickbacks funded by a shiny new EU army.

European Commission oligarch-in-chief, Jean-Claude Juncker, called again for the EU to build an army, as he likened Europe’s current military capabilities to that of a flock of hens.

Makes you wonder what all the EU member states NATO spending is for.

Juncker told a Brussels forum…

“A bunch of chickens looks like a combat formation compared to the foreign and security policy of the European Union.

I always call for a European army as a long-term project. It is not something you can build from scratch tomorrow morning.”

“A common army among the Europeans would convey to Russia that we are serious about defending the values of the European Union,” he told Germany’s Welt am Sonntag in March.

A joint EU force would also rationalize defense spending and drive further EU integration, Junker noted.

And their you have it!

More military spending equals more money for Junker and friends…plus the added bonus of sending Europe’s unemployed periphery (that’s you Greece, Spain, and Italy) to become canon fodder in a neo-con, Vicky Nuland, wet dream war with Russia.

Once again, all we can say is F**K the EU.


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November 16, 2015

Once we’ve got rid of global monopolists like this creep, we can then deal with Islam.

Putting ISIS to shame. Saudi Arabia beheads five people and hangs their bodies via helicopter

Did Victoria Nuland just set in motion regime change in Macedonia?