Eternal Memory to the Romanovs from the Balkans

Anna, from RussiaFeed, attended a service in commemoration of the Romanov Family in Rustovo Church, Montenegro.

Serbs and Montenegrins love and remember the Royal Family no less than their Russian “brothers.” In fact, many Russian saints are beloved and worshipped in the Balkans.

This year, Anna, from RussiaFeed, joined the Holy Liturgy in commemoration of the Romanov Family in Rustovo Church, Montenegro. Rustovo is one of the rare monasteries that holds a part of the Imperial Family’s relics.

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August 23, 2017

This is really interesting. I’d love to know more. Got a link… or three or five? I’m very interested in the Romanovs and why they still live in Denmark; when supposedly Russia is wanting to accept them back. If the Rothschilds did that to the Russian aristocracy; why is it that Russia accepts the Rothschilds running their central bank? I’m having trouble with that part. I’d of thought it the utmost importance to remove the Rothschilds from any influence in Russia at all. As an aside: Strawberries Romanov is my absolute favourite desert in the world. But that’s irrelevant in… Read more »

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