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Eric Ciamarella’s attorney described coup d’etat a.k.a the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry

Efforts to keep Ciamarella’s name both in and out of the news cycle reveals an American press that is no longer free.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Fox News just ran a piece noting that the attorney representing the “Ukraine whistleblower” (alleged to be a CIA agent by the name of Eric Ciamarella) is on record for tweeting in 2017 that the “coup has begun”, two years before its realization unfolded in the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry which has been dominating much of the news cycle for all American media outlets. What we see now is this coup in progress. Fox reports:

Mark Zaid, the attorney for the Ukraine call whistleblower, allegedly identified as Eric Ciaramella, on Thursday defended a series of tweets from 2017 in which he predicted a “coup” against President Trump and promised to “get rid of him” — saying in a statement the tweets referred to “a completely lawful process.”

Here, as printed in an earlier piece by Fox, is what Mr. Zaid said:

Mark Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, tweeted conspicuously in January 2017 that a “coup has started” and that “impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Then, in July 2017, Zaid remarked, “I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president.” Also that month, Zaid tweeted, “We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters.”

This is certainly full of clear intent – to overturn a legitimate election in which President Trump absolutely legitimately won. The boogeyman of “collusion” with Russia that somehow magically influenced American citizens to vote for Donald Trump was fleshed out and revealed to be nonsense. The proposal of an illegal or somehow dangerous “quid pro quo” between the President and the government of Ukraine is equally without basis in reality.

However, to all sides of the press, this does not matter, as the impeachment matter is ratings fodder, with both sides sometimes aggressively, and sometimes rather helplessly, pursuing this story.

There are some disturbing factors, however. In no particular order, we want to lay these out for the reader’s consideration:

The pro-coup lawyer is representing the activist billed as the “Whistleblower” who is not a politically neutral “witness.”

First, the express intent of (allegedly) Eric Ciamarella, the Ukraine whistleblower betrays a conflict of interest. This is not some neutral worker that thinks he saw or heard of President Trump doing something that is actually wrong. This is a very virulently anti-Trump person, someone who remained in government service from the Obama Administration, ostensibly part of the reason the former President remarked that nothing he put in place during his terms was going to be rolled back by Mr. Trump.

The further declarations of a coup in progress, willfully decided upon by Eric Ciamarella further underline the politically motivated nature of these actions.

Now for those who are not supporters of President Trump, of course the argument that it is within Ciaramella’s rights (or anyone’s) to oppose the President in office is completely valid. However, to try to reverse an election based on false charges is not.

Second, the factor aiding and abetting the Democrats in their effort is the strategy of slinging accusations for President and his people to defend themselves against is the unfortunate twist in the Court of Public Opinion of “guilty until proven innocent”, which is the exact opposite of the way the US justice system is specified to work per the Constitution. But in an era where emotions reign over intellect, the Court of Public Opinion has grossly inflated power. The facts don’t matter, only the seriousness of the charge, as Rush Limbaugh has often observed.

This makes it very difficult to just simply throw this whole impeachment case out the window, even though there is absolutely no hard evidence of any kind suggesting that the President did anything wrong in the Ukraine call or anywhere else that would warrant impeachment or removal from office.

To the Trump Administration’s credit, they have given hard facts to show the whole nation and even the world what happened. But the media obscures facts with dust clouds of “what if” reporting and endless speculation that slowly has woven itself into something that looks like a case. This manages to hold itself together by secret inquiries led by California Representative Adam Schiff, with very careful leaking of information designed (as stated) to weave together the Democrats’ case against President Trump. This strategy has worked well enough to keep both CNN and FOX running neck and neck to spin the inquiry each in their respectively desired ways. (Hillary Clinton also jumped into the mix attacking not only Trump, but Tulsi Gabbard, an America First “thinkalike” candidate among the Dems, probably just to be thorough.)

Third, the recent game played with Congressmen, Senators and many media personalities about “revealing the whistleblower’s name” (Eric Ciamarella) – (is anyone catching my drift here?) appears to be the latest bit of drama added to this. It is honestly frustrating, because the media does manage to shield this name from the main news sites, and apparently even Google is involving itself in the picture because it takes very specific and careful searches to find the name of the alleged whistleblower, Eric Ciamarella.

As you can see, I am not sparing in my efforts to get his name out. While this is an “alleged” name, it seems rather unlikely that whenever the name is “officially” made known, it is going to be any different (unless a fall guy is chosen to act as the whistleblower.)

In short, Eric and his lawyer Mark Zaid are both quite prominently anti-Trumpers and political activists with close ties to the Obama administration, James Clapper, and others. This is a factor which must be considered, especially in light that whistleblowers are most trustworthy when they are neutral to the situation, such as Eric Snowden.

Lovers of a free press, take note.

Something is deeply wrong with a press and internet community that shields and  blocks information like what we are seeing now. To hear even the reporters at Fox and Republican Senators like Rand Paul go on about how “the name needs to be said, but I am not going to say it” AND the difficulty in locating the released name of the alleged whistleblower, Eric Ciamarella, and broadcasting it hither and yon since it is already known, suggests media suppression.

As we have noted before in other pieces on The Duran, American media suppression is not something the government is actively enforcing. Such activity is prohibited by the Constitution. But that does not mean that the American press is free. It largely is not. We can see from the activities of both Fox and CNN and other major networks that someone has these agency’s journalistic wings quite clipped, to be unable to even say “the whistleblower is allegedly identified as Eric Ciamarella” loudly, freely and of course, with every intent to issue apologies and retractions if in fact this information turns out to be incorrect.

No. We have a press that is muzzled and then creates drama out of how muzzled they are. I think this misses the point of what is going on in the American republic.

A coup d’etat IS in play right now. As coups go, it is honestly quite pathetic. It apparently is the case that the snowflake liberals do not have enough guts to really try to overthrow the President like they do with military incursions and riots in other countries. Perhaps this is actually an expression of how cunning they actually are, because they know that the conservative (establishment) side of America will not stand to oppose them, and even now, the Trump supporters are certainly happy to go to rallies, but apparently they remain reluctant, or fearful, of expressing their political preferences freely in public.

However, if the liberals actually succeed in getting this impeachment through to the level of the Senate, the battle lines may wind up more clearly drawn. 

I was just in the US about a week ago. My work had no time or effort in dealing with politics there, but let’s put it this way – at least around New York City, the place feels bad. Many very good people have been taken in by the Democrat rhetoric, and the dynamics of groupthink are powerful. For many of them, Trump is an “idiot”. It doesn’t matter what the actual facts are.

But in flyover country, and in many of the cities that are not the big coastal elite establishment havens, the sentiment is quite different. We do see polls that indicate that the lines are hardening, with Trump supporters extremely dedicated to him and very much on board with his domestic and foreign policy ideas and actions. If there is an actual attempt to remove him from office, it is legitimately possible that this will trigger a civil conflict the United States has not seen since 1865, and probably far, far more weird.

This is what happens when education in history, government, law and all the classics is replaced by esoteric nonsense in our schools. It is also what happens when God is forcibly removed, and only the State becomes the repository of the Greater Good, or some leader, be it Adam Schiff, Barack Obama, Eric Ciamarella or even President Trump. While these three men express radically different points of view, the lack of any objective standards from which to assess the actions of these men means they can in a sense all be right, but reality does not allow this. The disintegration of Christian culture has created this problem, and the establishment of “Americanism” expressed as “I am always right because I am an American” even when other Americans who are also always right disagree with me… well, you probably get the picture.

The United States remains in a struggle for its very existence. This is not a struggle that will end with Trump’s beating it, even though many believe he will, but if he loses, the catastrophe will be immediate.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder
November 8, 2019

Despite their haste to rid America of the Trump Presidency, there is one very significant problem that plagues Congress that they will do nothing to solve:

It’s no wonder that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Congress and don’t believe their representatives share their priorities.

Maidan Redux
Maidan Redux
November 8, 2019

A CIA analyst tweets for the public record that ‘a coup has begun’. Brilliant. I’m surprised he didn’t tweet “F_K the Constitution” while handing out cookies.

Boy, they sure don’t make them spooks like they used to.

November 8, 2019

The “government” doesn’t “enforce” anything, they have not been in power for more than two decades.

November 9, 2019

So what’s that guy’s name again? Is it Eric Ciamarella?

I can't believe we're still called a country
I can't believe we're still called a country
Reply to  Antipropo
December 2, 2019

No, it’s CIAramelanoma.

john vieira
john vieira
November 10, 2019

What is transpiring in the USA right now could be compared favourably to what used to be called “purges” in the Stalinist and Mao eras…the Democrats are right into it…imagine them running the “politburo” in their version of the new “Peoples Republic”…

I can't believe we're still called a country
I can't believe we're still called a country
Reply to  john vieira
December 2, 2019

Of course, they’re thinking exactly like Stalinist-era bolshevik goons and hoping to be acting the part soon as well..

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