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Erdogan’s war that Trump enabled

Donald Trump’s war of aggression on Syria has made him a stooge of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey had of course been furious with the Turmp administration for abandoning Barack Obama’s pro-jihadi, pro-regime change policies and instead exclusively backing anti-Salifist Kurdish forces.

Now though, Erdogan has got his wish; an American President who has used the US military to destroy an entire Syrian military airport and all of the aircraft on the runway. Erdogan now has an American puppet who is willing to do what even Erdogan did not have the audacity to do but had always wanted to do; wage total war on Syria in the name of regime change.

Donald Trump has made good relations with Russia impossible. He has made any form of understanding with Iran unthinkable. He has doubtlessly angered China, even as President Xi is in the United States.

By contrast, Turkey has now pledged its full commitment to the US led war that Turkey always wanted to lead itself, but could not do because of regional and geo-political isolation on the matter. Turkey is also now calling for the imposition of no-fly-zones over Syria.

Where prior to Trump’s illegal war of aggression on Syria, Turkey did not have the ability or audacity to set up a no-fly-zone, now with American assistance, Turkey and the US could potential set up a no-fly-zone. The only problem is that this could mean war with Russia as Russia continually flies its planes over Syrian air space.

Turkey had been partly forced to capitulate to Russia’s dominant presence in Syria but now, the balance of power has suddenly turned in Turkey’s favour.

There have been many Russo-Turkish wars throughout history and Erdogan is crazy enough to see that another occurs. America has allowed that to happen.

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