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Epstein Said He’d Witnessed “Prominent Tech Figures” Taking Drugs And Arranging For Sex: NYT

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It’s been just over a year since Elon Musk’s infamous ‘funding secured’ tweet, and everybody who followed the New York Times’ relentless coverage of the scandal – the paper helped expose the fact that Musk effectively lied to the public and violated a bevy of SEC rules – will remember that legendary NYT business columnist Jim Stewart not only led the paper’s coverage, but also scored an interview with Musk where the CEO shared how stressed out and depressed he had become over the company’s production difficulties with the Model 3.

But, as it turns out, during the course of his research, Stewart, who, in addition to his role at the NYT, is a regular contributor of CNBC, was invited by Jeffrey Epstein to visit his Manhattan townhouse for an ‘on background’ interview.

The meeting with Epstein happened a few months before the Miami Herald published its series of exposes that led to the latest round of charges against Epstein.

Epstein’s townhouse

In a story published in the NYT on Tuesday, Stewart recounted the details of their meeting (it was supposed to be on background, but since Epstein is now deceased, Stewart believes he can now violate that agreement).

Most surprisingly, Stewart described Epstein’s affect as almost incredulously carefree. While Stewart wasn’t able to glean much information about Musk or Tesla from Epstein (perhaps because, he discerned, Epstein actually knew far less than he was letting on), he listened as Epstein showed off photographs with famous friends (including MbS and…you guessed it…Bill Clinton) and held forth about a range of stunning a lascivious subjects.

Here’s a rundown of some of Epstein’s most suspicious comments.

Epstein openly professed his love of underage women, and even implied that sex between older men and teenage girls should be legal.

If he was reticent about Tesla, he was more at ease discussing his interest in young women. He said that criminalizing sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history it was perfectly acceptable. He pointed out that homosexuality had long been considered a crime and was still punishable by death in some parts of the world.

Many prominent Silicon Valley figures have a reputation for being workaholics, but they’re actually “hedonistic” drug users who tasked Epstein with arranging sexual encounters (and we can infer what that means).

Mr. Epstein then meandered into a discussion of other prominent names in technology circles. He said people in Silicon Valley had a reputation for being geeky workaholics, but that was far from the truth: They were hedonistic and regular users of recreational drugs. He said he’d witnessed prominent tech figures taking drugs and arranging for sex (Mr. Epstein stressed that he never drank or used drugs of any kind).

Epstein showed off a photo of him with MBS. This was well before the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Before we left the room he took me to a wall covered with framed photographs. He pointed to a full-length shot of a man in traditional Arab dress. “That’s M.B.S.,” he said, referring to Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The crown prince had visited him many times, and they spoke often, Mr. Epstein said.

During their conversation, Epstein frequently took breaks to attend to his ‘currency trading’ (we’d be curious to learn which discount brokerage he preferred).

He led me to a large room at the rear of the house. There was an expansive table with about 20 chairs. Mr. Epstein took a seat at the head, and I sat to his left. He had a computer, a small blackboard and a phone to his right. He said he was doing some foreign-currency trading.

Epstein bragged about how his reputation didn’t stop people from attending his parties. He even considered becoming a minister to help himself appear more trustworthy.

He said this was something he’d become used to, even though it didn’t stop people from visiting him, coming to his dinner parties or asking him for money. (That was why, Mr. Epstein told me without any trace of irony, he was considering becoming a minister so that his acquaintances would be confident that their conversations would be kept confidential.)

A few months after their conversation, Epstein asked Stewart if the NYT business writer would be interested in writing his biography (presumably for a hefty fee).

Several months passed. Then early this year Mr. Epstein called to ask if I’d be interested in writing his biography. He sounded almost plaintive. I sensed that what he really wanted was companionship. As his biographer, I’d have no choice but to spend hours listening to his saga. Already leery of any further ties to him, I was relieved I could say that I was already busy with another book.

Stewart passed, but, looking back….

That was the last I heard from him. After his arrest and suicide, I’m left to wonder: What might he have told me?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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August 14, 2019

He was playing you. He was put into position to target wealthy and influential and US politicians with a well developed honey trap. Maxwell was his boss and his money comes from Israel supporters. What would a guy like that have told you? Good question. If Epstein were being paid to get targets to loose their inhibitions, you would not take drugs or drink excessively with them, but you would definitely appear to live care free and be a sex addict. Mostly….it’s entrapment because few red blooded men will turn down some sexual advances that set things into motion. Weaknesses… Read more »

Reply to  Tjoe
November 24, 2019

“If Epstein were being paid to get targets to loose their inhibitions…”
“Trump on the other hand visiting once”
“Trump got one trip”

Something that is rarely mentioned or thought about. Trump doesn’t drink. Its just a little food for thought…

Stop Bush and Clinton
August 14, 2019

If all of Epstein’s “customers” disappeared, the whole ruling class would be eliminated – politicians, banksters, F500 CEOs, everyone.

Pillar of Salt
Pillar of Salt
August 15, 2019

Just read about the weird BClinton in a dress portrait hanging on Epstein’s wall. Now I’m sure the Podestas are involved somehow.

What is it with these creeps? Sounds like something from Sodom and Gomorrah at work ‘attacking our democracy’ from within, like some nasty stomach-dwelling tapeworm.

Reply to  Pillar of Salt
August 19, 2019

It’s the tribe. Crooked from day one!

Salaciousness Sells
Salaciousness Sells
August 15, 2019

Stewart’s just upset over passing up an Epstein autobiography deal that would have made him a multi-millionaire.

MS Journalism (in its true form) has suffered a mass extinction, along with the dodo bird, only to be replaced by a new species of dodo bird on a leash.

Reply to  Salaciousness Sells
November 24, 2019

” Epstein autobiography deal that would have made him a multi-millionaire.”

Or far more likely, dead.

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