Drunk with power, the feminist cabal has forced the cancellation of Bill Cosby’s appearance on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman”

The full story about Bowman’s allegations and her claims can be found here:

In summary…

Bowman claims she was drugged then raped, though she said she never saw drugs.

“I woke up out of a very confused state not in my clothes.” She said she knew her body had been touched without her permission. This occurred several times in the course of their contact, she said.

She said to CNN that Cosby told her she had been drunk.

Bowman was 17 and an aspiring actress when she met Cosby in 1985. She considered him to be her mentor.

She spent time in his home, which included dinners with the star.

She said the abuse began after she turned 18.

Despite what she said was happening to her, she kept coming back. And Cosby and her agent financed her apartment in addition to supporting her acting ambitions, she said.

She was afraid to talk to her agent about her concerns, and she felt Cosby’s influence over her was too powerful.

“I was terrified of him,” she said.

“As a teenager, I tried to convince myself I had imagined it. I even tried to rationalize it: Bill Cosby was going to make me a star and this was part of the deal,” she wrote in her Washington Post article.

The Letterman cancellation follows on the heels of Bowman’s coming out interview, as reported by AP:

Bill Cosby’s upcoming appearance on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman” has been canceled amid a growing uproar over allegations that he sexually assaulted several women in past decades.

Cosby spokesman David Brokaw confirmed Friday night that Cosby would not appear next Wednesday as previously scheduled. He did not say why.

“Late Show” representative Kimberly Izzo-Emmet said, “We can’t comment on the guest booking process.” She said Regis Philbin would be the replacement guest.

Another canceled engagement, on “The Queen Latifah Show” on Oct. 30, was characterized by that show as a postponement granted at Cosby’s request.

Barbara Bowman, one of Cosby’s accusers, has recently leveled allegations of sexual assault by the comic in interviews and in a Washington Post online column, writing that “Cosby won my trust as a 17-year-old aspiring actress in 1985, brainwashed me into viewing him as a father figure, and then assaulted me multiple times.”

The standup comedian Hannibal Buress last month brought heat on Cosby at a performance in Philadelphia. His routine, during which he assailed Cosby as “a rapist,” was captured on video and posted online, gaining wide exposure.

The 77-year-old Cosby, who was never criminally charged in any of the cases, settled a civil suit in 2006 with another woman over an alleged incident two years before.

Cosby has declined to comment on the recent resurgence of allegations.

Usually I would write my thoughts on this latest attack of a great man, that literally follows the shameful feminist, SJW hijacking of the Rosetta comet accomplishment and subsequent skewering of Dr. Matt Taylor, but I thought it best to share 5 of the top comments on Yahoo with readers.

I think the comments say it better than I ever could, and the fact that they are highly up-voted is encouraging.

One thing I do know is that feminists and SJW’s are running amuck, and sooner rather than later their fall will come, and it will be epic…I just hope and pray they don’t take civilised society down with them.

Comment #1
Maybe this happened and maybe it didn’t. Bottom line is, why has she waited 29 YEARS to say anything? And, note that she isn’t making her accusations in a court of law nor even in a police station. Rather, she’s making them in an “interview.” Here in American, the burden of proof is on the accuser and not the accused. Given that she’s waited all these years to say anything, she has zero credibility. Also, the statute of limitations ran out a long time ago. She should be forced to prove her charges or pay a penalty of public apology AND financial penalty as well.

Comment #2
The problem I have with her (Barbara Bowman) claim is, she said it happened multiple times… wouldn’t the 1st experience have given her reason to never be alone with him in the future? I don’t get stupid… never really did. I hope she’s made it up for attention and I fear she didn’t do that. I also fear that she was not drugged or raped… but that she willingly had sex with him, hoping for future favors in the entertainment industry and that shame has caused her to accuse him.

I haven’t looked into this to speak of, but all too often we hear of women who have sex with “powerful” men for their own advantage and all too often we’re later told they felt as if they had no choice, even though they clearly did. There is a massive downside… roughly 30yrs later, these accusations will only serve to tarnish reputations because the “proof” simply won’t be there.

Even in this case, Bowman freely admits she willingly did this, but blames him for “brainwashing” her and that simply doesn’t hold water. After all, it’s not like he had her alone somewhere with the time needed to truly make her think it was the right thing… she did that on her own, if the relationship is true.

Further, which girl is it, honestly, who willingly has sex multiple times with a man she views as something… anything… of a father? I’ve never met that woman, that’s for sure… and I don’t wanna because her brain was a wreck before she did that!

Comment #3
I believe in innocent until proven guilty. If the allegations are true they should be dealt with in the court of law not with Mr.Cosby’s check book. I believe in telling the truth. People do not like to be lied to. You are only as good as your word and once I find out I have been lied to my trust is entirely broken…very hard to rebuild trust. These are serious allegations, criminal allegations so if you are going to come out and say you were sexually taken advantage of file charges against him don’t ask for a payday. Allow him to defend himself in the court of law or admit guilt.

Comment #4
This is what disgust me about this country, it’s so easy for women to make accusations and ruin a man’s life and if the accusation are proven to be false the “Justice” system refuses to prosecute women who lie about rape. I don’t know what happened since I wasn’t there, but I live by code that if you make an accusation of any kind it’s up to you to prove it happened, it’s not up to the accused to prove it didn’t. Bill Cosby is worth roughly 400 million, so I accuse that these women are accusing to extort money..see how easy it is to accuse…

Comment #5
This same thing happened to my father at age 74 – a retired Colonel who served his country for the majority of his life. A 22-year old girl claimed he had “molested” her years prior. Although innocent of her charges, it cost my father over $70,000 in costs. There is something TERRIBLY wrong with a country that does not follow its own rules: “Innocent until proven guilty.” At least Bill Cosby can afford to protect himself. It took every penny of my father’s savings – and his dignity.


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