More drone trouble: This flag flying drone carrying a "greater Albanian" map insults Serbian football fans during a Euro 2016 qualifying match

What a dick move by the Albanian football fan controlling this drone…who just may have been the Albanian Prime Minister’s brother.

The brother of Albania’s Prime Minister was arrested in Belgrade on Tuesday night, accused of starting the trouble that caused the abandonment of the Euro 2016 qualifier between Serbia and Albania, Serbian state television RTS reported.
RTS cited the Serbian Interior Ministry to say that Olsi Rama, controlled a drone, from his seat in an executive box in the stadium, carrying a ‘Greater Albanian’ flag which flew over the pitch, triggering clashes between the two teams as some of the 20,000 home fans tried to assault Albanian players.

The incident, in the 41st minute of the Group I encounter at which Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic was also in attendance, led to its abandonment with the score still goalless.

Via Yahoo Sports:

The drone, clearly visible in the lights of the stadium, made a series of passes above the pitch.
The banner displayed an Albanian flag and a map of so-called “Greater Albania,” an area that comprises territory within today’s Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and northern Greece.
The banner also portrayed two Albanian nationalist leaders — Ismail Qemali, who declared Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912 and Isa Boletini, an Albanian fighter against the Turks.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic was quoted on the website of Serbian daily Blic as saying:

“This was a political provocation.
“The main question for me is how will the European Union and UEFA react, because if someone from Serbia had unveiled a flag of Greater Serbia in Tirana or Pristina (capital of Kosovo) it would already be on the agenda of the UN Security Council.”


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