The US and EU are about to put the Greater Albania project into motion. Their targets…Greece, Macedonia and Serbia

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From the moment Greece signed up to the Turk Stream pipeline, the ink had not even dried before Albanian henchmen were activated by the CIA (and George Soros NGOs) to begin stirring up unrest in the pipelines’ projected northern route of Macedonia.

For Washington, blocking the pipeline’s projected route through Macedonia means regime change to a more US malleable government. Russian gas must be prevented, no matter what, from entering Europe’s heartland.

If Macedonia must be demolished, then so be it. Just look at Ukraine to see how far America will go to keep Russia out of Europe.

The game plan for America is actually very simple. Move Russian gas out of Europe, overthrow Assad, and then move gas from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, via Syria, into Europe. 

For the EU things are bit more tricky.

Yes Brussels leaders are spineless and immensely corrupt, but they also are aware that by removing reliable Russian gas for unreliable Wahabi suppliers, in a Middle East route plagued by war and instability, is not a move that makes much sense.

EU leaders have always placed their own personal profits ahead of the well being of their citizens…and for Germany, keeping Greece poor and destitute (unable to earn huge transit fees from pipeline distribution), means that control of the Eastern European Balkan states can remain uncontested by Athens.

The Greater Albania project will now be put into motion.


Via Wikipedia…

Greater Albania is an irredentist concept of lands that are considered to form the national homeland by many Albanians, based on claims on the present-day or historical presence of Albanian populations in those areas. In addition to the existing Republic of Albania, the term incorporates claims to regions in the neighbouring states, the areas include Kosovo and the Preševo Valley of Serbia, territories in southern Montenegro, northwestern Greece (the Greek regional units of Thesprotia and Preveza, referred by Albanians as Chameria, and other territories that were part of the Vilayet of Yanina during the Ottoman Empire), and a part of western Republic of Macedonia.

According to the Gallup Balkan Monitor 2010 report, the idea of a Greater Albania is supported by the majority of Albanians in Albania (63%), Kosovo (81%) and the Republic of Macedonia (53%), although the same report noted that most Albanians thought this unlikely to happen.

Sputnik News reports…

Tensions between Albania and Greece are rising following Tirana’s official complaint to Athens regarding territorial claims along the border between the two countries, Greek Reporter said.

In the official complaint, the Albanian government asked Greece to review its plans for hydrocarbon exploration in the Ionian Sea, citing that it violates the territorial integrity of Albania.

Furthermore, Albania demanded Greece to present maps of land explorations in Epirus, the bordering region between the two neighbors.

It is worth mentioning that when Greece conducted hydrocarbon surveys in the region in 2011, there was no reaction from Albania.

The Greek side claims the move is part of the nationalist idea of creating a “Greater Albania,” a country that would include all Balkan regions with an ethnic Albanian population. In addition to existing Albania, “Greater Albania” would include Kosovo, parts of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece. The idea is a populist political move currently favored by Albanian politicians in search of extra votes, Greek Reporter said.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras plans to visit Tirana on May 26.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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