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WATCH: Russian drone footage shows ISIS destruction of Palmyra’s amphitheatre

Drone footage has confirmed that ISIS has destroyed much of the Hellenic amphitheatre of Palmyra, the location where maestro Valery Gergiev led a concert of Russian musicians for the troops of the Syrian Arab Army, Russian military and civilians who liberated Palmyra from the last ISIS occupation in May of 2016.

Now much of this site has been destroyed by ISIS in the wake of their second occupation of the ancient city.

However sad the destruction of one of the world’s most cherished monuments is, one ought not to feel overburdened with regret. The only reason that ISIS were able to re-occupy Palmyra in the winter of 2016 was because the Syrian Arab Army and its allies were busily engaged in freeing East Aleppo from the last remnants  of terrorist occupiers.

When forced to choose between the Syrian people and ancient Syrian heritage, President Assad made the difficult but correct decision.

The greatest monument in Syria is not Palmyra, it is the Syrian people. The greatest achievement of modern Syria will be the rebuilding of a country ravaged by foreign terrorists, paid mercenaries, extremists and occupying armies.

When this is finally achieved, the Syrian people will realise that victory in their fraternal struggle will be the greatest and most lasting monument of all.

See also a before and after image gallery from Sputnik. 


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