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Donald Trump worshiped as a god by Indian village

Trump worship spreads to India

A video has surfaced of U.S. President Donald Trump being worshiped as a deity by a group of Indians. That may be a form of praise even The Don himself wouldn’t approve of, and moreover, there was little reason given as to why these Hindus are convinced that The Donald is Divine.

Trump supporters in the U.S. may have very strong and vocal reasons for why they support their President, but it’s uncertain why Indians have a reason to worship him, nor has Donald Trump seemed to comment on his new worshipers.

It is worth noting this was not the first time that a world leader was recently worshiped as a God.

Many Rastafarians worshiped Ethiopian ruler Haile Selassie in such a fashion, even after he confirmed to them that he is indeed, human, and a Christian.

It remains to be seen if Trump will have any words for his new worshipers, but as he claims to be a Christian, it’s likely he too would not approve of this. He may never comment, as this could be one of the many quickly dying sects that pop up in the world.

No matter how much a person supports a political leader, it seems strange that one would resort to actual idolatry and worship. That is something that hasn’t been observed in the European world since Classical Antiquity, when afterward, the majority of Europe embraced the Christian faith, which teaches:

Put not your trust in princes, nor in the sons of men, in whom there is no salvation.

That quote from Psalm 145 (146 in western terminology) is sung at almost every Russian Orthodox Church service, during the Second Antiphon.

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zina ciceklic
zina ciceklic

Jesus said, “Your God is the Father of Lies, Buddha has never mentioned God, because he did not believe, but idiots believe the sequence of God’s lies, and humanity lives in Laws and believes in Laity.”

Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones

It isn’t really India. It’s more America. It’s Trump; can you guys talk of nothing but America?. You’re getting boring. There’s a whole world of action out there, best of all Russia – and all you can talk of is America. Duh.

courtney harlowe
courtney harlowe

He would agree heartily, I’m sure!
I am the best god,folks,you wouldn’t even believe it,there has never been a god as great as me, everybody knows it,the American people know it, even Crooked Hillary knows it, the fake news media won’t tell you that but she prays to me, believe me! In the name of the Donald,the Trump & the holy hair, amen! I’m making heaven great again folks,its gonna be yuuuuuuge!!!!!


It is perfectly fine… irrespective of whom you worship you get the benefits cos its a mind game. If you don’t feel bad in worshiping any god, this is also fine.

abimanu mathoorasing
abimanu mathoorasing

I wonder what they would not do against Donald Trump, which is indicative that the alleged Liberals are envious of his achievements; hence, they resorted to petty things about women that had nothing pertaining to the Presidency.
They are crying wolf because their candidate aka ” Basket of Deplorables” failed to grab the Presidency.

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