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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: The Final Debate

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

And so it ends, the final debate of the US Presidential season.

Assuming the world hasn’t perished in nuclear hellfire by the year 2020, it means, one won’t have to put up with the spectacle of these ‘debates’ for several years.

It’s a much deserved respite. The debate was totally unnecessary, nothing new or novel was said by either of the candidates, but Hillary Clinton did have a kind of meltdown worthy of analysis.

As usual, the debate started with questions on domestic American issues.

When speaking about immigration, Trump referenced a secret Clinton speech whose content was published by Wikileaks. In the speech she called for open borders.

Rather than attempt to answer the question, Clinton went on a rampage against Russia and President Putin.

She started by excoriating the comparatively fair host Chris Wallace,  for referencing Wikileaks. Clinton then said that Russia is engaged in espionage against the American people and moreover she did so with a straight face as though the NSA, whose espionage against Americans Edward Snowden has bravely disclosed, didn’t exist.

Hillary Clinton said that Russia is the source of the Podesta emails and accused President Putin of direct involvement in the hacks.

If the idea that the president of any country would have the time to be a hacker wasn’t absurd enough, Hillary Clinton then asked Donald Trump to renounce Putin for his alleged interference in the US election.

The extent to which the mainstream media is on the side of Clinton and totally against Trump is made manifestly clear by this statement.

When Trump says the election is rigged due to a third world style media and electoral registries with names of people not entitled to vote – including the names of the diseased – he is accused by the media of being some sort of conspiracy theorist, when all he has done is plainly state the facts.

Hillary Clinton, like Trump, however also believes the election is rigged.  She says so constantly. Only in her parallel universe, it is Vladimir Putin who is rigging the election in Trump’s favour.

Why hasn’t anyone called Clinton a wild conspiracy theorist? Someone ought to, especially since there is not a shred of evidence that Russia has or would even want to influence the US election.

Most in the Russian government find the whole thing too farcical to even particularly care about…until it’s over of course.

In the parallel universe in which the mainstream media exist, Hillary Clinton has already won by a landslide, yet Putin has also rigged the election so that Trump will win.

Logic and the mainstream media make far worse bed-fellows than Bill Clinton and his harem of women.

Trump would not be drawn. He correctly accused Hillary Clinton of ‘wanting to talk about Putin’ instead of addressing the subject of immigration.

Trump restated that he does not know Putin but that if they could have a good working relationship and cooperate against ISIS this could only be a good thing.

In a sane world this would be reported as a moderate statement in the name of détente between superpowers as well as an acknowledgement that ISIS poses a great danger to the world, and one which ought to be confronted collectively. 

It is only in the parallel universe of the mainstream media that calling for cooperation is worse than calling for war.

Hillary Clinton’s obsession with Putin is quite frightening. Although the western mainstream media and political establishment have become vehemently anti-Russian, her very individual obsession with the Russian president seems unhealthy.

Perhaps it is because her husband tends to give his attention to women whom are not Hillary Clinton that she lusts after confrontation with a well-known charismatic leader? No one can say, but it does beg speculation.

Towards the end of the debate The Battle of Mosul was discussed.

Here Trump stated that he found the timing of the battle deeply cynical, as though Obama is trying to give Hillary Clinton a ‘victory’ prior to the election in order to obfuscate her disastrous record on funding and arming terrorists in the Middle East.

Trump also said that because the timing of the battle of Mosul was announced, many of the ISIS leadership have run away elsewhere.

What he failed to say is that this is an intentional plot to drive these individuals into Eastern Syria, the better to fight the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian ally.

Trump concluded this segment by accusing Hillary Clinton of wanting to arm rebels without knowing who they are.

This of course is a half-truth. Whilst the names and affiliations of rebel groups change more frequently than Hillary Clinton invents new lies, the plain fact is that a terrorist is a terrorist.

President Assad has said this very recently and he is absolutely correct.

If what George W. Bush of all people called a ‘war on terror’ is to be taken seriously, one cannot play idiotic games of ‘good terrorist versus bad terrorist’.  However that is just what Hillary Clinton and her puppet masters in Saudi Arabia and Qatar do.

Trump lamented lost opportunities to cooperate against terrorism and further stated that due to the incompetence of Hillary Clinton and her political comrades, Assad if anything, is stronger not weaker than he was several years ago as he has managed to unite all patriotic Syrians against foreign terrorists and now has the support of Iran and Russia.

The best Hillary Clinton could do was dodge a question about her beloved no fly zone.

I am proud of Trump for not buckling under pressure to renounce his moderate stance towards Russia.

His own vice-presidential candidate has joined the ‘Russia is evil’ propaganda train, but Trump has maintained his solidly independent and sensible position. This is worthy of commendation.

It is clear that the election has been rigged by an aggressive, totally biased and unfair media. It has been rigged due to registration fraud and may yet be rigged in other ways.

It is no longer a question of is the election rigged, but rather a question of the degree to which it has been rigged.

I believe if the election has even a tinge of fairness, Donald Trump will win.

But it’s a big if, possibly the biggest in modern history.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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