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Donald Trump responds to St. Petersburg terrorist attack

Donald Trump responds to St. Petersburg terrorist attack

Sitting beside Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump offered his initial response to today’s terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

Trump’s short statement called the attack a ‘terrible, terrible, thing’.

Although the statement was brief, it appeared fully sincere. Uniting with Russia against the shared threat of terrorism has been a flank of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and I believe his sincere thoughts, both as a candidate and as a President.

This contrasts stridently with the cynical and downright insulting attitude displayed by state-owned British broadcaster BBC, when they implied that the attack was somehow a useful diversion from Russian domestic issues, which of course the BBC exaggerated the scope of.

Had RT said something similar about an attack in Britain or the US, one could easily predict the outcry from western mainstream media.

The fact remains that the political implications of this tragedy indicate a vindication of Donald Trump’s statements that it would be a positive thing for the US to cooperate with Russia in a fight against a common enemy.

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