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Donald Trump’s reckless war

President Donald Trump’s decision to commence military hostilities against Syria is a betrayal on so many levels. He has swallowed a poison pill giddily served up by Deep State neocons and sweetened by the pliant corporate mainstream media. He will regret this bargain made with the most sinister of forces.

Back to business as usual – this is where things stand:

  • Trump’s attack on Syria is illegal under international law and most probably in violation of the Constitution’s war powers provisions.
  • Syria has the right to defend itself and expect it will.
  • Tehran has made it clear the Damascus government will not fall. Thus, Trump’s attack on Syria is a message to Iran.
  • Trump has narrowed his options – to relent now will be seen as a sign of weakness, something he can ill afford.
  • The delicate peace talks to end the war are in deep freeze – I expect them to collapse and disappear.
  • Improving relations with Russia most likely is a dead letter now – of course this what the pro-war party surrounding Trump had wanted all along.
  • Some kind of direct military conflict with Russia in Syria has increased significantly. Trump has walked away from campaign promises. Vladimir Putin doesn’t parse his words – Russia will not change course in Syria.
  • By bombing Syria Trump has essentially given ISIS an air force and air cover. So, Trump is fighting with and for the terrorists he said he would eliminate.
  • Israel is grinning from ear-to-ear! As far as it is concerned, the more chaos, death, and destruction in Syria, the better. Israel may now decide to turn its attention to another war with Hezbollah. (Hezbollah is prepared).
  • The Kurds may now sign up to be Trump’s troops on the ground. No matter what happens now, this is a losing proposition for the Kurds.
  • If Turkey has been reckless in the past, now it will become completely unhinged. Enhanced American support of the Kurds will test Turkey’s NATO membership.
  • Message to the EU: get ready for more illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump! This is a bad deal! Big league!

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer.

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