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5 famous Trump supporters who oppose war with Syria

The Trump administration’s apparent turn towards a pro-war policy against Syria, something which seemingly represents a reversal of policy in a 24 hour period, has alienated many of his most fervent supporters.

Here are 5 big league Trump supporters who have come out to oppose war on Syria.

1. Alex Jones 

The InfoWars founder has been one of the most stridently pro-Trump figures in the media. A libertarian conservative, Jones threw his weight behind Trump relatively early on in the Republican primary. In doing so, he galvanised many of his listeners to vote for the Republican candidate.

This is significant as many of Jones’s fans tend to be traditionally sceptical of both major US parties.

In the last 24 hours, Jones has been actively criticising Trump’s newly honed hawkish statements. He has shared articles on his Facebook page, including one literally praying for peace.

InfoWars has also shared the following anti-war message from Dr. Ron Paul’s liberty report where the former Congressman and Daniel McAdams, discuss how the entire chemical weapons incident was almost certainly a false flag.

2. Michael Savage 

Like Alex Jones, Michael Savage supported Trump throughout the primary season and into the general election. He also interviewed Trump on his popular conservative radio show.

On the 6th of April, Savage dedicated the majority of his show to scathing criticism of the hawkish tendencies which are emanating from the White House.

Savage asserted that Steve Bannon was one of the few true conservatives surrounding Trump and that the timing of Bannon’s dismissal from National Security Council meetings and the reversal of policy on Syria by Trump and Rex Tillerson was implicitly related.

This was Savage’s most ferocious criticism to date of the President he had strongly supported

3. Paul Joseph Watson

The Youtube star and InfoWars editor at large has taken to social media to express his disdain for pro-war policies coming out of Washington. As a fervent Trump supporter, his disappointment and anger is palpable.

Watson has come out with stridently anti-neocon views and has encouraged Trump to rediscover his previous policies calling for reconciliation with Russia and detachment from the Middle East.

4. Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo has been something of the literal poster boy of the Trump movement, certainly the more youthful wing of the Trump movement.

Although his commentary is generally restricted to social, cultural and other domestic issues, today, he posted  a 2013 Tweet from Trump opposing Barack Obama’s hawkish policies towards Syria.

The message is loud and clear.

He later posted the following to make his views even less ambiguous.

5. Ann Coulter

The conservative writer and  political polemicist Ann Coulter got a great deal of flack from the mainstream media for predicting a Trump victory. She had the last laugh.

But now the Trump supporter has given an interview in which she implored the President to remember who his base is and remember his campaign promises.

In rushing to war, the Trump aminidstration is not only frightening the world, but alienating his most prominent supporters.

It’s time he had a big rethink and show the world his famous ‘flexibility’. He ought to bend back to who he was.

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