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Donald Trump offers first public reaction to Putin meeting

Donald Trump offers first public reaction to Putin meeting

Speaking next to Britain’s Prime Minister, Donald Trump said the following of his meeting with Vladimir Putin,

“I had a tremendous meeting yesterday with President Putin”.

Trump also posted a photo-montage of his meetings thus far at the G20, including several shots of his earlier public statement made while sitting with Vladimir Putin, Sergev Lavrov and Rex Tillerson.

In addition to emphasising his appearance with the Russian President, at one point the video zooms in on the flag of Mexico as Trump was pictured with the German Chancellor and UK Prime Minister during an earlier meeting. Due to Trump’s now infamous pledge to build a large border-wall between the United States and Mexico, one can reasonably surmise that this was intentional.

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The video also showed Trump with a smiling Xi Jinping, the President of China. Tensions between China and the US have risen in recent weeks due to strong disagreements over North Korea and America’s continual violation of Chinese sovereign in the South China Sea. It remains to be disclosed what Trump and Xi have discussed.

The G20 summit will conclude on Saturday evening.


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