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Donald Trump lands in Poland as Russian Duma Deputy proposes cutting ties

A Deputy of the Russian State Duma, Nikolay Kharitonov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, has proposed that Russia should sever all diplomatic and trading ties with Poland after the Polish Sejm (parliament) passed into a law, a bill proposing that Poland demolish the Soviet war memorials which dot the country as a tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Soviet Army who fought to liberate Poland from the fascist German conquerors.

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Kharitonov stated,

“Our address must include such measures as severing diplomatic ties today before nighttime, recalling our ambassador and sending away the Polish one and also closing all types of trade with Poland”.

It is unlikely that the motion will be ratified let alone implemented, but the fact remains that Poland should rescind this law immediately as it is not only a grave insult to the Russian Federation but it is an insult to the Soviet dead who fought to liberate Poland. Furthermore, it represents a distortion of history to deny the fact that it was the Soviet Army which singularly freed the Polish people from fascist oppression.

Demolishing the memorials would also violate two agreements that Poland signed with Russia, one in 1992 and the other in 1994.

This comes as Donald Trump arrives in Warsaw for a meeting with Polish politicians as well as others from the so-called Three Seas Group.

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With Donald Trump’s first visit on his European trip to Poland, it seems absolutely clear that Donald Trump has no special relationship with Russia. Poland is by most accounts the most politically anti-Russian country in the EU and one which appears to be on the cusp of destroying important monuments of the Great Patriotic War.

While Donald Trump’s meeting will likely do little more than stir agitations between Brussels and Warsaw, the fact remains that far from being a Putin agent, Donald Trump will soon be revelling in the bosom of a country whose political classes are the living embodiment of Russophobia.

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