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Donald Trump calls out ‘professional protesters,’ time to unleash the police (VIDEO)

In his first full post-election television interview, President-elect Donald Trump was asked about the now infamous protests against his democratic victory.

He said that many of the individuals engaged in such activities are ‘professional protesters.’ When the interviewer expressed her pantomime shock at his response, he repeated his remarks with total confidence.

Trump is of course correct, although I refuse to use the gallant word protesters to refer to people who ought to be called rioters. George Soros has been unmasked as the funder and instigator of many of the riots. Soros’s group Move On has helped to organise the violent events and has facilitated the transport of intoxicated hooligans to central, urban locations throughout America.

Soros is an enemy of democracy the world over. He uses his wealth to help mobilise useful idiots to create scenes of havoc in countries whose leaders do not give him and his cronies free reign.

I could not be more pleased that Trump has labelled the events as ‘professional’ because that is what they are. The events are not spontaneous, they are not peaceful and those engaged in the riots are doing so as a vocation rather than an avocation.

There is a big difference between a thoughtful, peaceful, genuine demonstration and open subversion. These saboteurs must be dealt with and must be dealt with severely. Like the common thief, they must be taught that crime doesn’t pay. Obama’s deafening silence rings like the sound of tacit approval. His words about overseeing an easy and smooth transition are hollower than the material occupying George Soros’s ‘heart’.

Trump’s supporters have readily taken on many of his memorable slogans from ‘Make America Great Again’, to ‘Make America Safe Again’ and ‘Drain The Swamp’. I’ve got another slogan for Trump supporters, ‘Unleash The Police’. Feel free to share it widely and loudly.

Most bandits and miscreants are cowards. They’ve never fought a real battle against a real enemy. It is only when given approval by hamstrung law enforcement officers and complicit politicians that they feel they can run wild like rabid animals.

Many still do not realise that one of the reasons that Donald Trump won was because he took a strong line on law and order. It is why he secured the support of law enforcement agencies as well as individuals of all backgrounds who live in parts of America where the police are afraid of the criminals when it ought to be the other way round.

What’s more is that Trump supporters must not be afraid to vocally support a tough line against all forms of civil unrest. Maybe it hasn’t dawned on some of them yet, but we are no longer the opposition. We have won. Therefore, the burden of defending one’s position has shifted from us to those still defending the old liberal establishment.  Intellectually and politically, they must now answer to us.

Not only must the police be unleashed on the rioters, I believe Trump has a mandate to investigate the crimes of George Soros. The list is not small. Time to make law enforcement strong again. Then as Donald Trump said, he will be well on the way to making America safe again.

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