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Dominion Voting shares office with far-left George Soros linked group


Toronto based Rebel News discover Soros backed organisation located on the same floor in the same building as Dominion Voting.  It is not a conspiracy, it is just a coincidence!

Reporting Keean Bexte   November 17, 2020

The vote tabulation company at the centre of several controversies surrounding the legitimacy of the American presidential election shares an office floor with the Tides Foundation.

Tides, which recently changed its name to Make Way, is an extreme left eco-radical charity that directs cash supplied by George Soros to smaller groups and organizations to advance the globalist agenda of Soros.

Dominion Voting has come under fire after their vote tabulation machines created a 6,000 vote swing in a single Michigan state county. The same machines and software were used in every single county in Georgia and in several other swing states that just sent their electoral votes to Joe Biden (for now).

Rebel News was on location inside the Dominion Voting building located at 215 Spadina Avenue in Toronto, and my camera crew and I were actually removed by a building manager.

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November 18, 2020

I don’t know what great idea it is to have electronic voting machines delivered by private firms. Generally the US election system needs a complete makeover.

Doctor Drew
Doctor Drew
Reply to  Adrian
November 18, 2020

It would just be a facelift. What it needs is liposuction.

Reply to  Doctor Drew
November 18, 2020


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