Disney’s Star Wars removes GUNS from Ads – Disarms Han Solo

Star Wars is DEAD – and Micky Mouse killed it

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Micky Mouse has a lot to answer for – and ruining Star Wars is a huge part of it. It seems Disney has photoshopped Han Solo’s iconic blaster pistol out of their promotional ads, in the wake of the massive gun debate in the US.

This also reveals how hysterical American liberal arguments are, as they monopolize and politicize every aspect of the cultural discussion. What does Han Solo have to do with the gun debate? He does not have to be an icon either FOR or AGAINST guns. He can simply be a cultural icon from one of the most popular movies of all times.

The pistol removed was a blaster pistol, a laser weapon, in other words, something that does not exist. The only real weaponized lasers are not exactly man-portable, like the massive one developed by the Russian military.

Slavic Star Wars – Russia deploys fully operational combat LASERS [Video]

After receiving much criticism for filling Star Wars with feminist ideals, and identity politics, Disney still learned nothing it seems, as once again, they are over politicizing Star Wars.

Feminist, SJW garbage “The Last Jedi” worst film of 2017

That is not to say a popular movie can not have a political or philosophical message but you can’t simply shove it down peoples throats, where it does not fit.

Imagine if at the end of Return of the Jedi, instead of fighting, Luke, Vader, and Palpatine simply have a three-way discussion about gender issues, and after harassing a confused Vader, who can’t decide if he identifies as a man, or a machine, Luke throws him down a reactor shaft with the power of feminism.

If a movie wants to have a theme, that is fine, but it must flow organically throughout the story, like that of Good and Evil which was so intrinsically part of the plot.

Palpatine, the evil politician stages a false flag on his home planet, allowing himself to increase in political power, eventually becoming elected chancellor.

He then secretly funds the galaxy-wide war, via the separatists, in order to produce an army – the clones. He lets the Jedi fight in the war, weakening them, while he gains emergency powers due to the war.

Finally, he reveals himself to be a Sith, after seducing Anakin to join him, and uses the clone army to exterminate the Jedi, and help him declare himself Emperor.

That was a VERY simplified explanation of Star Wars, but one can see how the story of Palpatine can be interpreted as an incredible essay on the Military Industrial Complex, and the weakness of modern “democracies” – and how easy it is to democratically approve tyranny in the name of “security”. If 51% of the population vote to deprive 49% of their rights – is that virtuous or democratic?

This is a very simple example of the deep concepts which can be explored via Star Wars. Not to mention how the Jedi philosophy of rejecting passion bears similarity to that of Orthodox Christians.

Censoring Han Solo’s blaster pistol for no apparent reason, however, does not really accomplish anything. Even if it happened as part of the gun debate, the lack of a statement, even an anti-gun statement, makes the whole thing just seem sloppy and confusing.

Moreover, it shows how US-centric Disney’s approach is – the gun debate may be a big deal in the US, but what about Europe or Australia, why can’t Star Wars fans there see Han’s pistol. Do they think we are all (Americans included) dangerous psychopaths that will all be triggered (or go trigger happy), if we see a laser pistol in a Sci-Fi poster? Such censorship should not be applied to art, and Disney has already upset fans incredibly, not only for its recent films, but declaring the entire extended universe non-canon.

Micky Mouse has a LOT to ancestor for…unless…OF COURSE! He was the Sith Lord all along!


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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