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In the midst of an ugly presidential race in France, an untainted leader is emerging

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The mainstream media and the so-called elites have decided to bare the responsibility for choosing what is right for the country and the world, since the people, i.e the middle and working classes are too uneducated to make the right choice. Or so they think.

The Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the United States have demonstrated a backlash against this elitist way of thinking, but the elites, so far, are pretending not to notice or care.

What we are witnessing now in France is the assassination of presidential candidate François Fillon by the mainstream media.
 Every single day new revelations involving his wife, children, and the so-called consultant fees are being made public. Are they true? Probably. Are they illegal? probably not.

Fillon was simply profiting from a system that the entire political class is using. Why so much hate? Because Fillon upset the plans of the game. He was never supposed to win the primary, which was promised to the very consensual Alain Juppé, supported by a part of the left bourgeoisie and the think tank Terra Nova, the spearhead of globalism and the new world order.

A second presidential runoff between Fillon and Le Pen was the establishment’s worse nightmare. Having two candidates who are putting the nation ahead of European federalism and speaking in favor of close cooperation with Russia was simply unacceptable, and they had to put an end to it.

After losing Juppé, the establishment has found a new candidate who matches their liberal globalist agenda – Emmanuel Macron. A former banker, Macron studied at l’ENA, like François Holland and the vast majority of the professional politician from both sides, backed up by influent French CEOs.

To clear the road for Macron, the decision and plans to tarnish Fillon were taken at the highest level of the state, the president. The documents which started the scandal surrounding Fillon came from the Ministry of Finance and were given to Hollande by the deputy secretary of the Elysée Palace, who happens to be the former director of Macron’s cabinet.

After been vetted by the president, the documents were leaked to the press through a network of people close to Macron. The next step was to select a prosecutor close to the Socialist Party. 
And while it is very unlikely that Fillon will actually be indicted – the damage has already been done. He took a big dive in the polls. For now, he won’t withdraw from the election, but his chances of making it to the second round to face Marine Le Pen are getting thinner.

Now it’s up to the right to find dirt on Macron.

The attacks on Macron are thus far focused on the fact that he undervalued his wealth to escape ISF, the French tax for the wealthy, and that he financed his campaign with public money.
 What’s even more striking, however, is that until now, the media spared the private lives of all candidate, but is now releasing rumors, likely founded, on both Fillon’s and Macron’s sexual orientation.

All this dirt and ugliness of the campaign should benefit Marine Le Pen, but she is staying quiet. She and the National Front have their own friction with the French justice.

Throughout this campaign, the political microcosm is looking more and more like a stinking swamp, and France seems ready for a systemic change. the Socialist Party is dead in the water and the UMP vaporized. The polls are putting Macron in the second round and handing him the election.

Macron may, in fact, win the election, but if he does – what will he do? While many from the right, the left, and the center are now gathering to join him – the result is guaranteed to be a disaster. With his victory the country’s political system will be absolutely discredited, paving the way for France’s new savior and Joan of Arc, Marion Maréchal.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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