Did Obama give Erdogan the green light to attack Russia at the G20 in Turkey last week?

It makes perfect sense that Obama gave the orders for this cowardly operation to go ahead during the G20…after all it is no secret anymore that Turkey is the number one sponsor of ISIS, and Obama is dong everything in his power to keep the ISIS “fake” caliphate alive so as to keep the Middle East in chaos mode.

Via Fort Russ, as translated by Ollie Richardson…

In the Arab media information is in circulation that the plan to destroy the Russian Su-24 aircraft was clearly spelled out between the leaders of the US and Turkey. It is reported in particular by Gerasa News.

According to the newspaper, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan allegedly received support from U.S. President Barack Obama with a plan to shoot down the aircraft of the Russian Federation on the border with Syria.

The compromising information in the Arab media was received from a source in the presidential administration of the USA.

Also, reports in the Arab media stated that the moment for the su-24 decision was taken by Obama and Erdogan at the summit of “G20” in Antalya.


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November 28, 2015

Of course he did! The question is who are the psychopathic puppet masters who ordered Obozo???

November 29, 2015

Of course he did. Actually, Hussein’s handlers did, their sockpuppet is content playing president and partying. The handlers want a world war.

Putin says that “some” (Turkey and Erdogan’s son is particular) earn billions of dollars from trade with ISIS.

Turkey was just a stupid stooge…the order to shoot down the Russian jet came from Obama