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Did Mike Flynn’s resignation prevent a war on Iran?

The saga of Mick Flynn’s resignation has taken a twist, though not an entirely surprising one.

To all intents and purposes Flynn had no legal nor even an ethical reason to resign. It is common practice for incoming members of a new administration to have diplomatic dialogue with ambassadors. What’s more is that the contents of Flynn’s phone call to the Russian ambassador happen to be very unexciting by any standard.

But now a new theory has emerged. Were Flynn’s antagonists in the Democratic party and mainstream media merely useful idiots serving a wider purpose for the Deep State?

I never find it useful to indulge conspiracy theories, but when Pepe Escobar says he has received information from a reliable source, it is wise to listen.

Escobar reports that he spoke with a ‘highly informed Washington insider’ who said that the real reason Flynn fell on his own sword was because he was privately agitating for a US strike on Iran.

Flynn of course ‘put Iran on notice’, just before handing in his own resignation notice.

According to Escobar’s source, the US Deep State has fewer concerns over possible rapprochement with Russia than many believe, but that Flynn’s threats against Iran were more than mere rhetoric.

I have long called any US attempt to bomb or invade Iran a suicide mission for the US and whatever allies it might have on such a mission.

Many in the US are happy to throw rhetorical bombs at Iran and pass increasingly meaningless sanctions, but only a comparatively small group of fanatics actually think that an open war with Iran would work.  The US is all ready losing the war for political influence to Iran in Iraq.

Although many who favour an improvement in US-Russian relations were sad to see Flynn go, if Pepe Escobar’s source is correct Flynn’s resignation may have saved the world from another nightmarish war.

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