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Defence stocks soar after Trump’s war crime

Defence stocks soar after Trump’s war crime

While those who invest in morality and justice called Donald Trump a war criminal and condemned his illegal attack on Syria, those with vested interests in the military-industrial complex were celebrating as the stock market showed defence companies increasing their share prices.

The American company Raytheon, manufactures the Tomahawk Cruise Missiles used in Trump’s attack on Syria.

On the 7th of April Raytheon stocks jumped 1.47%.  

Meanwhile, US aerospace defence company Lockheed-Martin trading up .28%

UK  defence contractor BAE systems increased its share price a whopping 1.5%

At the same time the price of Brent Crude hit its highest levels in a month.

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For some, big war is big money. The six innocents who died in the missile strike and the many more who will almost certainly die as a result of the new ISIS and al-Qaeda offensiveness launched in the wake of America’s weakening of Syria’s ability to fight terrorism, will pay the ultimate price, while others care only about share prices.

These casualties will also represent blood on Donald Trump’s hands.

Those who line their pockets on the back of civilian deaths will also have a lot to answer for.

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