David Cameron asks Vladimir Putin to help Britain clean up the mess they created in the Middle East

It was only a few months ago that the US’s favorite lapdog, aka UK Prime Minister David Cameron, was spewing out all kinds of tough talk towards Russia and its President.

Here is Cameron acting like Mr. Bad Ass in Belgium, threatening further Russia sanctions if his neo-nazi Kiev project is tampered with.

Cameron even had the guts to say, ‘Vladimir Putin needs to change his behaviour if sanctions are to be lifted’…though we are sure that Cameron would not dare talk so tough to judo black belt Putin in person, mano a mano.

Now Cameron is kissing Putin’s ass trying to find a way to solve the utter and complete mess he, and his US masters, have made in Syria.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

The West has realized that Russia’s isolation is ineffective, especially when it became clear that America has not achieved any positive results in Syria, DWN reported.

Britain and Russia have announced their intention to cooperate closely to solve the Syrian crisis. Prime Minister David Cameron and Vladimir Putin have agreed to a meeting between senior security advisers of both countries, the newspaper reported, referring to a statement of the British government.

The activities of the Islamic State and the Syrian civil war were the main topic of the half-hour phone call, the government’ s spokeswoman said.

However, according to the newspaper, both countries do not want to reveal the turnaround in their relations too quickly. Thus, they are conducting military maneuvers that recall the days of the Cold War.

The US and other Western countries started major military maneuvers with around 100 warplanes in Scandinavia near the border with Russia on Monday. The exercise in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland is presumably aimed at enhancing the military cooperation between America and the EU.

Russia, in its turn, responded with a major military exercise in Ural and Siberia. Around 12,000 troops and 250 warplanes will conduct military training in air defense until Thursday, the newspaper wrote.


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