Brief analysis: Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone under siege by Turkey

The EU and NATO remain idle as Turkey eyes Cyprus’ 340 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves

According to estimates by the “Institute for Geological Studies of the USA,” the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus, contains more than 340 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, which is more than can be found in the entire United States.
Is it any wonder that right now the Island of Cyprus is under siege by the Turkish Navy that issues consecutive illegal NAVTEX(s) that prevent the drilling in Cyprus’ waters?
Cyprus, a tiny island in Eastern Mediterranean that is partly illegally occupied by Turkey (despite 99 UN Resolutions condemning the occupation), joined the EU in the hopes that as a full member of a large organization that professes to protect its individual members, it would not fall prey to Turkey’s Imperial ambitions.
Unfortunately, things don’t quite work out that way in the real world. Geopolitical and economic interests take precedence over international law, and Cyprus is just as alone in facing Turkey as it was in 1974 when it was invaded and partly occupied by that regional power, and member of NATO.
In order to appease Erdogan, who threatens to leave NATO and throw his lot with the eastern superpowers, our western “friends and partners” are turning a blind eye to what the Turks are doing to Cyprus one more time.
After a terrorist attack on Paris in the past, Article 42 of the EU Charter was invoked and all the other member states rallied around France in support. For Cyprus, or Greece for that matter that is facing the same threats as Cyprus, there’s no such “solidarity.”
The EU, has no problem sanctioning Russia over its supposed “annexation” of Crimea, but will not do the same to Turkey for its occupation of EU territory and its aggression toward its own member states.
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